Chef Corso of Outdoor Eats Launches His New Outdoor Eats TV Show 

Chef Corso, has taken the television scene by storm with his latest venture, the enticing ‘Outdoor Eats’ TV show.

Broadcasting to a massive national audience, the show has found its way into more than 100 million households across the country through Bally Sports and Outside TV networks.

Chef Corso’s ‘Outdoor Eats’ is a tantalizing blend of gastronomy and outdoor escapades, a true feast for both food enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Against breathtaking backdrops, Corso whips up culinary masterpieces, showcasing his culinary finesse and adventurous spirit.

From rustic campfire feasts to gourmet picnics with a view, “Outdoor Eats” elevates outdoor dining to an art form, inspiring viewers to embark on their own culinary adventures.

The TV show is rolling into 2024 production and Chef Corso is excited about taking this step forward.

You may view the first two episodes here:

Episode 1: Arizona

Episode 2: San Francisco

Professional chef and founder of Outdoor Eats, Chef Corso wants to help you make meals in the wilderness. You can find his amazing recipes at

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