Coalatree: Gear and Apparel Built for Adventure, Rain or Shine

Coalatree equips you for any adventure, no matter the weather.

Their line of eco-conscious apparel and gear boasts functionality and style, ensuring you stay comfortable and prepared for whatever nature throws your way.

Sustainable Style Meets Performance

Coalatree prioritizes both sustainability and performance in their products. Here are some highlights:

Barrage Technical Shell

As a versatile jacket, the Barrage Technical Shell is crafted from S.Cafe fabric, which repurposes recycled coffee grounds and plastic.

It boasts superior warmth retention even when wet, keeping you toasty during chilly adventures.

Coalatree Barrage Technical Shell

Whistler Windbreaker

This ultralight Whistler Windbreaker is your perfect packable companion.

Made from 100% nylon HiloTech Self-Healing fabric, it repels wind and light rain, making it ideal for unpredictable weather conditions.

The built-in mesh pocket doubles as a storage pouch for the jacket itself, maximizing space in your backpack.

Whistler Windbreaker

Coalatree doesn’t compromise on comfort or durability. Here’s a glimpse into the other apparel this brand offers:

Trailhead Pants

For your next adventure, the Trailhead Pants are constructed with 100% Durable Ripstop Nylon.

Trailhead Pants

Decaf Denim

Crafted from recycled plastic and coffee, Decaf Denim boasts UPF protection and odor resistance.

Decaf Denim

Gear Up for Adventure with Coalatree

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a weekend warrior, Coalatree has the perfect gear and apparel to elevate your outdoor experience.

Invest in pieces that are built to last, kind to the planet, and keep you comfortable and confident in any condition.

Visit Coalatree today and discover a new level of adventure-ready style.

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