CRAFT Sports and Vittoria Collaborate To Introduce Xplor

CRAFT Sports and Vittoria have joined forces to unveil Xplor, a revolutionary line of footwear that seamlessly blends cycling prowess with athletic performance.

Inspired by the versatility of gravel bikes, Xplor offers the same adaptability, feeling like a road shoe on pavement and a trail shoe on dirt.

Introducing CRAFT Xplor with Vitoria Soles

Engineered in collaboration with world-class bicycle tire manufacturer Vittoria, Xplor features an outsole crafted from the renowned Terreno Mix and Terreno Dry tires, ensuring unmatched traction and durability on any terrain.

Available for both men and women, this unique collaboration marks a union of function, style, and the thrill of the ride.

Xplor also boasts the innovative Px Foam midsole, an ultra-lightweight material that delivers exceptional energy return, shock resistance, and flexibility.

Manufactured using a single natural foaming agent, Px Foam is environmentally friendly and boasts up to 20% lighter density than traditional EVA.

Elevate your athletic experience with Xplor, the perfect blend of cycling technology and athletic performance, designed to conquer any terrain with style and resilience.

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