CrazyCap 2: A UV Light Water Purification Bottle to Travel the World With

Inspired by the necessity for clean drinking water while traveling the world, CrazyCap was created to eliminate the risk of water-borne illnesses due to contamination. With a quick tap of the cap, you too can have purified drinking water wherever you roam.

The CrazyCap 2 is a self-cleaning water bottle that destroys bacteria, viruses, and pathogens with a deep-UV LED that’s embedded in the rechargeable, screw-on cap. It’s a sleek, lightweight water bottle that’ll work as well on the trail as it would when touring a foreign country or strolling along your own neighborhood streets.

Crazy Cap 2

If only you could see how good this water tastes!

With two quick taps of the cap, the CrazyCap 2 will sterilize public tap water in as little as 60 seconds. If your only water source is a gnarly creek or pond, though, you’ll want to activate Crazy Mode with five taps of the cap for a two-minute deep cleansing.

Hikers take note: you may never have to “camel up” or carry out multiple liters of water on your day hikes ever again—so long as there is a stream to sip from.

See the CrazyCap 2

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Crazy Cap 2 Mellow

There is nothing better than warm days, blue skies, and a cold (and sterile) drink in your hand.

Unique Features of the CrazyCap 2

Not only does the CrazyCap 2 cleanse on-demand, but it also self-cleanses for 20 seconds every four hours to ensure that nothing can grow when you set your water aside.

The UV light in the cap works by penetrating the cell walls of microorganisms (such as cryptosporidium and giardia) and altering their DNA—effectively neutralizing the contaminants. This incredible technology has earned CrazyCap noteworthy recognition, such as being awarded as one of TIME’s best inventions of 2020 and Women’s Health’s Fit Tech Award 2021. The CrazyCap 2 is also rated as CNET’s best overall self-cleaning water bottle.

Crazy Cap inside

The LED inside the CrazyCap.

The cap is rechargeable and comes packaged with a USB cable.

There’s a Crazy Cap for Everyone

Available in 17 different colors and two different sizes (17 oz and 25 oz), there’s sure to be a CrazyCap you’ll want to call your own.

We got our hands on the new Mellow bottle, which has a unique rubberized texture that feels great in hand. It’s pleasantly soft to the touch, much like a firm clay or putty. The CrazyCap 2 Mellow is a great day hiking bottle. It’s lightweight at 12 ounces for the smaller version and is a joy to carry, though it’ll also fit in any daypack’s side pouches as well.

Crazy Cap Mellow bottle

The Crazy Cap 2 – Mellow

CrazyCap also has a new budget-friendly LYT bottle that weighs a mere 11 ounces and is available in either plastic or stainless steel varieties.

The cap can be purchased on its own, as well, and there are several accessories you can opt for, such as a removable handle and carabiner clip.

Crazy Cap handle

The removable handle is a convenient accessory.

Whatever size, color, or composition of CrazyCap you choose, one thing is for certain—you’ll never need another single-use water bottle ever again. The fact that the CrazyCap 2 can sterilize drinking water from anywhere in the world is a game-changer.

Crazy Cap backpack

Ready for adventure.

Come to think of it, will you ever need another hiking, backpacking, or travel water bottle again?

See the CrazyCap 2

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Crazy Cap river

Just dip, tap the cap, then sip!

Who is CrazyCap?

CrazyCap is an award-winning company that develops new technologies to solve global and personal water challenges. The brand creates cutting-edge water purification solutions and donates 5% of all profits to

See the CrazyCap 2, and learn more about CrazyCap.

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10 responses to “CrazyCap 2: A UV Light Water Purification Bottle to Travel the World With

  1. Beamer Smithsays:

    It does Not clean the water in any way.. There is no filter. All it does is kill microorganisms, which is pretty cool.. but there will still be dirt and debris in your water unless you filter it first.

    1. Hey Beamer. You’re right in that the bottle does not remove sediments. For a quick on-trail particle filter, you can use a coffee filter or a piece of clothing (like a shirt) to help filter out any debris from the water. The CrazyCap 2 will kill any bacteria, viruses, and pathogens that are present in the water that those rudimentary filters cannot remove.

  2. Beamer Smithsays:

    Where can I find that HAT!

    1. The brand is called Sunday Afternoons. They’re great hats!

  3. Scottsays:

    Greetings Arthur, your picture shows you dipping the bottle into the water. What about the outside neck? The UV light only purifies the inside. Wouldn’t you get sick once you put your lips on the neck of the bottle?

    1. Fair point, Scott! It would definitely be safer to fill the bottle by another means.

      I’m no expert on pathogens, but I would imagine that wiping down the neck and letting it dry would reduce the risk of getting sick from such a minute possible exposure.

  4. David Butchersays:

    What about heavy metal contamination, or herbicide/pesticide runoff, which is becoming much more prevalent? Not all minerals are good to ingest, nor others in certain quantities. Is there any other filter, like charcoal, associated with it?

    1. There is no physical filter with this bottle, only UV!

  5. Hello, Arthur. You can see that you dipped the bottle into the water in your photo.

  6. Where can i buy this product?

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