Deckers X Lab Releases Limited Edition KO-Z Chrysalis Boots

Deckers X Lab has announced the release of its latest footwear innovation, KO-Z Chrysalis.

The special edition KO-Z Chrysalis features a hand-woven textile calf panel designed by renowned French weaving artist Nadine Marchal.

Created and woven on a manual loom in France, the textile panel on the calf of the KO-Z boot features hand-dyed reclaimed wool and silk yarns.

The newest addition to the KO-Z series, each shoe in this ultra-limited release is distinct and redefines what it means to be actively comfortable.

The incredibly comfortable and water-repellent boot has an EcoTan leather top with a looped wool calf panel for warmth and comfort, along with an Xponent+ midsole and anatomical memory foam insole for optimum cushioning and comfort.

Long walks or romping around town are made comfortable by the Meta-Rocker geometric design, which also offers support.

The KO-Z Chrysalis is available in women’s sizing and three colors – Blanc/Light Grey, Blue/Green, and Plum.

Like other Deckers X Lab footwear, this limited edition boot is created in collaboration with HERproject, a collaborative effort that forges partnerships with companies like Deckers in an effort to empower and educate women in the workplace.

Due to the brand’s dedication to gender-bending footwear designs, Deckers X Lab intends to collaborate with more local artisans to bring an artistic personal touch to their advanced footwear lineup.

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