Discover Rumpl’s Cozy Dimensions by RAD Artist Nathan Brown

Rumpl has an exciting new collection of outdoor gear and blankets in Cozy Dimensions by Nathan Brown.

An artist and muralist from Nashville, Nathan Brown finds inspiration in skateboarding, travel, painting graffiti, gradient color palettes in nature, city life, and architectural structural lines.

Brown, who also designed the mural at the Rumpl headquarters, said he is not a graphic designer by trade, so designing for print like this was a fun challenge for him.

“The Rumpl team pushed me to be a better designer and helped me through the entire process, sending samples my way to test out, check colorways, and how it all translates to an array of products,” he said.

Brown said art is his therapy and he is very passionate about the environment, which transfers into his pieces as certain colorways and organic shapes, as well as being very mindful of the products he uses to create.

The Cozy Dimensions collection includes the Original Puffy Blanket, Everywhere Travel, Nanoloft Travel Blanket, and the Beer Blanket.

Be ready for your next adventure and shop these items from the Cozy Dimensions collection only at Rumpl.

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    These colours can be altered into delicate tones to give the impression of freshness, while still preserving the fundamental colour quality.

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