Electric Bike Company Model R E-Bike Deep Dive

E-bikes have become a popular outdoor recreation choice over the past few years. They’re a fun way to get out and explore cities and nature alike. With a little boost from a battery, you can ride faster and further than ever before! This allows riders a lot of freedom to roam.

The Electric Bike Company has become a front runner in the e-bike scene, and the Model R E-bike is popular with riders for good reason! The Model R offers a top-quality ride and many customization options — it’ll have you dreaming up all kinds of adventures. This e-bike is a great choice for both newbs and e-bike aficionados looking for a mid-range ride that’s smooth, capable, and powerful.

Not only is the Electric Bike Company’s Model R one of the most versatile e-bikes on the market, but it also comes to you fully assembled and ready to roll. This makes the whole experience of ordering your custom e-bike really easy. And that’s something we can all appreciate!

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Electric Bike Company Model R E-Bike Specifications

Feature Type Feature Specs What This Means
Weight 56 pounds with battery Lighter than many other e-bikes.
Max Ride Weight 420 pounds This e-bike can carry up to 420 pounds of human and gear.
Gears Optional 7 speed derailleur Gears if you need ’em.
Power Assist 5 levels 5 pedal assist speeds give you the support and power you need for various terrains and inclines.
Motor Max Speed 28mph – factory set at 20mph Meets class II e-bike specifications. With adjusting, you can get a top speed of 28mph.
Max Range 150 miles This depends on how much pedal assist you use.
Battery Life 60 hours The basic battery lasts up to 60 hours. Larger batteries are available for purchase
Battery Charger 3.5 Amp Smart Super Charger Plugs into a wall outlet and charges quickly.
Brakes 4 Piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes Easy brake maintenance and effective braking.
Lights Front and Rear LED safety lights standard Comes ready to ride in the dark.
Wheel Size 26 inches Standard all-terrain sizing. Good for cruising over small rocks and roots.
Kickstand Yes You don’t need to lay the bike down.
Racks Yes Comes standard with a back rack for general hauling or errands.
Capable of Charging Devices Yes Charging port for phone and other accessories on LCD panel.
Manufacturer Warranty 5-10 year limited warranty based on parts This is a standard warranty.
Customization Available. Almost everything on this e-bike can be customized as you go through the ordering process. Each e-bike is slightly unique from the next because of this
Retail Price Base price $2,499 On the high end of mid-range e-bike pricing

See the Electric Bike Company Model R E-Bike

Unique Features of the Electric Bike Company Model R E-Bike

E-bikes are full of features that are new to the cycling world. What sets the Electric Bike Company’s Model R apart from other e-bikes and companies is its array of useful features and outstanding customization.

The EBC Model R E-Bike is a hybrid pavement-to-trail ride.

Hybrid Performance

The Model R E-bike is built perfectly for city life and hitting the dirt alike! The Electric Bike Company claims the Model R is the most versatile e-bike on the market, and we can see why.

From its big wheels to its basket-ready headset, you truly can take this e-bike anywhere. and use it for untold use cases.

Puncture Resistant Tires

EBC’s Model R comes standard with 3-inch wide tires that feature exclusive anti-puncture system technology and 3mm of protection between the tread and casing, so you have maximum puncture resistance.

This is important no matter where you’re biking. No one likes dealing with a flat tire, so three cheers for EBC’s anti-puncture system technology! Pointy rocks and surprise nails, begone!

Customization Galore

You can customize most features on the Model R E-bike. This truly allows you to create the perfect bike for your lifestyle.

From the saddle to the chain and everything in between, if you want to choose your components — EBC is the brand you want to go with. It’s worth noting that this customization does affect the cost of the bike. But for many, these custom options are worth it!

We went with the midnight metallic frame and fork, the mountain bike handler bar style, leather grips, a thumb throttle, and the standard 12Ah battery — just to name a few of the choices we were able to make.

How the Electric Bike Company Model R E-Bike Compares to Other E-Bikes

There are a ton of e-bikes to choose from when you’re looking to buy the perfect one. Here is how the Model R compares to top competitor e-bikes on the market.

Electric Bike Company Model R E-Bike

The EBC Model R stands out from the pack in notable ways.

Electric Bike Company Model R E-Bike vs. REI Co-op Cycles CTY e2.2 Electric Bike

With similar price tags and similar standard features, this is a great match-up between e-bikes. While both bikes claim to be extremely versatile, it’s clear that Co-Op Cycle’s CTY e2.2 is built more for urban life than riding around in the woods. The battery on the CTY e2.2 gets 50 miles compared to the Model R’s standard battery 60 miles.

Like the Model R, the CTY e2.2 comes with front and rear lights and a rear rack. However, the CTY e2.2 is capable of a 300-pound max load, while the Model R can handle 420 pounds as a max load. This might seem like a trivial difference, but when you factor in rider weight and gear, a 120lb discrepancy will make a big impact on bike choice! The Model R can carry much more weight than the CTY e2.2.

Electric Bike Company Model R E-Bike vs. Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 3 Electric Bike

Cannondale’s Tesoro Neo X 3 Electric Bike is built for adventure and has a price tag of nearly $1,000 more than EBC’s Model R e-bike.

While both bikes claim versatility, the Tesoro Neo X 3 is clearly built with mountain biking and bikepacking in mind, while the Model R has a more moderate approach to getting out there, making it a lot more versatile for most humans.

With riser handlebars and 29-inch wheels, the Tesori Neo X 3 is a clunker in urban settings. When we compare that to the Model R’s 26-inch wheels and you-pick-it handebars, it’s clear that Electric Bike Company’s Model R is better suited for an array of terrains and environments.

Electric Bike Company Model R E-Bike vs. Ride1Up Rift All-Terrain Fat Tire E-Bike

Ride1Up’s Rift All-Terrain Fat Tire E-bike is a hefty e-bike. While these bikes have a lot in common where lights, brakes, and basic features are concerned, the EBC Model R boasts a longer battery range and a much lighter setup! Plus, while the Model R comes fully assembled, the Rift comes 85% assembled. The choice here is obvious if you are a no-assembly-required kind of person!

Also, the Model R weighs in at a manageable 56 pounds compared to the Rift’s 84.5 pounds which most people won’t be able to carry and move around when needed. It’s worth noting that fat tires can be quite clunky and slow in an urban setting, and they are not what you’d classify as a zippy ride. So when we compare the tires of the Model R versus Rift’s All-Terrain Fat Tire, the Model R is going to be the more versatile e-bike. Because of its more universally-usable tires, it will be a much more responsive ride.

See the Electric Bike Company Model R E-Bike

Who is Electric Bike Company?

The Electric Bike Company is based in Newport Beach, California. They are a company set on making the most comfortable and versatile e-bikes on the market.

Each e-bike is made to order, and EBC keeps costs down by being a direct-to-consumer business. They’ve become a top name in e-bikes over the past few years and innovate by offering custom options and using the highest quality parts.

Designed and built in the USA.

See the Model R E-Bike, and learn more about Electric Bike Company.

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