Enjoy 25% Off on Stio's Shorts Collection

Are you looking for a few summer staples?

The Stio’s Shorts collection has an assortment of styles for cool, warm, and everyday use so you can be ready for any adventure.

And Stio is offering 25% off on their shorts collection right now.

Men’s Shorts Collection: Perfect For Summer Hikes

Look stylish while you hike, run, or bike in Stio’s Men’s Shorts Collection, featuring shorts with everything you need to be comfortable at all times.

The Coburn Shorts offer a comfortable stretch-woven performance with a lightweight, casual design, making it ideal for summer walks, afternoon rides, and the glass-clinking that always follows.

Perfect for warm days of active or casual transitions, the Coburn features elastic Tetonic Twill fabric and a gusseted, articulated fit for unrestricted flexibility.

The OPR, short for Old Pass Road, is a challenging mountain biking route designed to keep up with any gravity-fueled pursuit.

Constructed with Schoeller stretch fabric in a sleek, the OPR has a streamlined fit with a gusseted structure, offering an unlimited range of motion and cutting-edge features for extended rides

Meanwhile, the Terral shorts are flexible, light, and agile, so they’ll keep you moving during every trail run, uphill struggle, training session, or race day.

No matter how challenging or sweaty the activity, mobility of motion and all-workout comfort are provided by lightweight fabric with plenty of elasticity.

Women’s Shorts Collection: Ideal For Avid Adventurers

If you are planning to travel this summer, you might want to buy a pair in Stio’s Women’s Shorts Collection with a variety of styles, designs, and patterns.

The Women’s Goodwin Short is created from a 55% recycled ReGuster nylon mix that is designed to avoid snags and be a sturdy buddy for any mountain chase.

It is lightweight and quick-drying for long days on the trail or quick-dives in rivers.

The Whiparound smoothly transitions from after-work laps to morning commutes for times your rides roll more laxly but still need some tech.

These 7-inch, chamois-compatible shorts with agile, 4-way stretch fabric are performance-focused without being overbuilt.

The Second Light Short will keep you moving forward whether you’re pounding the ground through metropolitan streets or taking on steep ascents on long trail runs.

These very light, quick-drying shorts are made of Meridian Stretch Mini-Ripstop Nylon and have an improved inside mesh brief.

Images courtesy of Stio

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