Amazing Outdoor Cooking With Camp Chef’s Apex Grill

Considered a griller’s dream, the Camp Chef’s Apex Grill combines the ever-popular wood pellet grill and the time-tested propane grill (optional add-on) to give you a patio experience, unlike anything you’ve ever had.

The Apex Grill, which is available in 24-inch and 36-inch versions, is the only grill of its kind on the market.

With a turn of a knob, you will be able to change the fuel source in a single chamber on one unit.

To create a hybrid pellet/propane grill, you can purchase the Apex Gas Kit (sold separately).

The Gas Kit comes with either 4 or 6, 9K BTUs/Hr. internal propane burners and a Sidekick unit that attaches to the side of your grill.

Just like the traditional Sidekick, it’s compatible with other 14-inch, one-burner set-top accessories.

So, roll smoke or rock a flame with the Apex Grill. For more info, check out Camp Chef’s website.

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