Enjoy Outdoors With Cannondale Adventure Neo Allroad EQ E-Bike

Getting out and enjoying the great outdoors has never been easier with the Cannondale Adventure Neo Allroad E-Bike.

The Neo Adventure Allroad EQ e-bike is designed to make going out there simple, and it comes with racks, lightweight fenders, integrated lights, and a kickstand so you can start riding right away.

This e-bike has a comfortable seat, dependable parts, and a front rack that can hold up to 30 pounds. of tools, food, and anything else that fits.

The rear hub motor can let you pedal up to 20 mph on level ground while providing enough power elsewhere to prevent you from being slowed down by hills and difficult terrain.

It also features a thumb throttle that gives you total control over the electric motor’s power and that extra boost when you need it.

The disc brakes are powerful enough to bring it all to a controlled stop no matter the weather or the cargo.

Integrated front and back lights are powerful, efficient, and connected to the drive motor’s battery so you don’t need to worry about charging them

Likewise, it has a built-in USB charger for the motor battery and a sizable, easy-to-read LCD display so you can check your power and boost levels while you’re on the road.

Available in black/grey, try it out at your local REI Co-op. Check this video too:

Images and video link courtesy of REI Co-op

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