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We have partnered with 7 outstanding brands to give you gear fit for backpacking through Rocky Mountain National Park!

Win over $1,600 in prizes! There will be two winners, First and Second Place. Enter your email address, name, zip code, and age, and earn additional entries by sharing with friends, following participating brands on Instagram, and completing our Backpacker Type survey! The giveaway will run from August 24 to 31, 2023.

Enter the Giveaway below, and see what sweet outdoor gear you could win.

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From snow-capped peaks to lush river valleys, we believe traveling by foot is the best way to see it all. Rocky Mountain National Park is one of our favorite places to backpack, but no matter where you want to pitch your tent, we want to help get you out there.

That’s why we partnered with 7 brands to offer you $1,600 in prizes. Enter the Backpacking Through Rocky Mountain National Park Giveaway today for your chance to win.

Backpacking Through Rocky Mountain National Park Giveaway

First Place Prizes

Outdoor Vitals CS40 Backpack

Epic Water Filters Be a Good Person Bottle + Salmon Run Bottle + Nano Water Pitcher + Extra Nano Pitcher Filter

Arms of Andes Alpaca Wool Leggings – 420 Midweight

Parks Project Yellowstone Geysers High Pile Fleece

Kahtoola RENAgaiter™ Mid ultra-tough gaiter + INSTAgaiter™ Mid ultra-light gaiter

Midland Set of X-Talker T71VP3 Two-Way Radios

Chakalaka Brands Sampler Pack + Apron

Second Place Prizes

Arms of Andes Alpaca Wool Leggings – 420 Midweight

Parks Project $150 Gift Card

Kahtoola RENAgaiter™ Mid ultra-tough gaiter + INSTAgaiter™ Mid ultra-light gaiter

Midland Set of X-Talker T71VP3 Two-Way Radios

Chakalaka Brands Sampler Pack + Apron

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Arthur McMahon

Arthur loves to walk. It's as simple as that. He believes walking is the best way to experience the world. Thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail was his first backpacking foray, and he hasn't stopped since. Follow his adventures and stories on Instagram.

47 responses to “Enter the Backpacking Through Rocky Mountain National Park Giveaway

  1. JC Thompsonsays:

    I need a Rocky Mountain High.

  2. Andrew James Abrahamsays:

    thanks – looking forward to this op!

  3. Ken Eichelbergersays:

    we love to hike mild to moderate trails, we love to hike when we go RVing

  4. Susan Sullivansays:

    Love backpacking

  5. Steven Kriegersays:

    Very nice

  6. Curteis j LaBoysays:

    Love backpacking, doing it for 30+ years

  7. Tarasays:

    I feel the mist alive when hiking.

  8. Jonsays:

    Love the outdoors!

  9. Lisa A2zsays:

    Hiking is my drug of choice!

  10. Perrysays:

    LOVE Backpacking, hunting, fishing and mountain biking!

  11. Sharon Malinowskisays:

    Hiking and fishing.. I love to spend free time doing one or the other and many time both when I’m on vacation.

  12. Kellysays:

    They should be at opportunity of a lifetime. Thank you for the opportunity.

  13. Shawn Bsays:

    I love the outdoors! This would be a big help for me.

  14. Judy Tailbysays:

    Since I found the Outdoor Vitals jackets, I love being outside more taking photos of the birds and wildlife. In Cadomin Alberta the winds are really strong and wearing one of your jackets. You don’t feel the wind at all!
    Thank you guys for such a wonderful product

    1. Glad you enjoy your jacket, Judy! We certainly think Outdoor Vitals is a rock-solid brand making great products.

  15. William J Wall IIsays:

    What an amazing opportunity! As an East coast family, I always wondered what the great West was all about… This could be the chance we’ve been dreaming of… Woo hoo!

  16. Mike Novacksays:

    Been backpacking since the sixties. Las year spent a week in the Sierras with the two youngest of my eight Grandsons, 6 & 8 years old

  17. Todd Brocklesbysays:

    Just getting started with my latest adventure (hiking/camping Backcountry) in the Rockies. Luckily, resources are plentiful here.
    Having access to the Backcountry is a grand accoutrement to establishing and growing our connection with the world around us. Improving our relationships and our understand of ourselves, our society and our environment.
    Spending time in the great outdoors enriches the soul!

  18. Kenrick rolessays:

    Thanks for opertunity to get some tidy gear
    Ken roles

  19. Sandiesays:

    When I start my journey, I am never sure where I will end up!. It makes for so much excitement.

  20. Joshsays:

    It’s nice buying gear from people who understand the needs when you’re out on the trail or blazing a new one! Thank you for the hard work and dedication!

    God bless,

    Josh Aubin

  21. Eric Rebarchiksays:


  22. Jim Bydlonsays:

    The fact that your gear is tested and not designed based on marketing surveys, piques my interest.

  23. Margaret Ellissays:

    Really need a new backpack

  24. alansays:

    I bought my last backpack at age 12….I’m now 72 and think I’m due

  25. even though I am a Senior I lived in Northern Ontario most of my life and my gear is pretty ancient it would be good to modernize my equipment and have a few more adventures before I leave this World.

  26. Need a new backpack. Mine is too small for multi day trips

  27. Garry Abersays:

    I’m ready to go now.

  28. I will be heading to Colorado & back to DC next year for the BRONCO OTA’s regardless of whether I notch the contest victory & snag the dank gear… I am preparing my new 2nd hand eCargo bike for the trip over the next few months & hope to have it 100% ready for the trip over winter. I will test the build out by taking it to Mt Vernon to tour GW’s [The good GW NOT the TREASONOUS REICHSTAG911 one!] & maybe I will return to Gettysburg with it- I took my reg Mtb from DC to Gettysburg & back- stayed a week in the Michaud Forrest during the July 4th week 2022- THAT was an awesome trip but I sure could have used pedal assist climbing all those hills & mountains with 80Lbs of gear plus my old worn crappy backpack… Put away your devices & get outside everyone & Happy Trails y’all!

  29. Letitia H.says:

    Love the outdoors!

  30. David J. Sembachsays:

    This would help me get back into the out of doors again!

  31. Pattysays:

    We love the outdoors

  32. I have Loved the outdoors all my life.

  33. Laura Hannigansays:

    I would love to win! Thank you

  34. Davidsays:

    I love the high desert of Nevada, I take a couple week long trips to the outback there hunting for gold nuggets with detectors every yr. We use frs/gmrs radios for yrs to stay in contact out there. It involves quite a bit of hiking each trip. Love the desert camping as well.

  35. Tito Hernandezsays:

    Let’s all go outside and play.

  36. Michaelsays:

    I love to go a wandering , along the mountain tracks , and as I go , I’ll be able to sing ,, ‘My knapsacks on my back.

  37. Larry Hanflandsays:

    Age (80) has no limit on enjoying Gods creations. Just anotjher add to my Bucket list.

  38. Kelli Schulenbergsays:

    This would really help with my hiking trips.

  39. Keith Forbessays:

    Let’s go!!!!!

  40. Hanna Backussays:

    Currently on an adventure to visit all Texas State Parks in 2 years. 8 parks down and MANY to go! Next up: National Parks Tour

  41. Pak Chansays:

    Enjoy the outdoor.

  42. Leah Christoffersensays:

    here for it!

  43. Frank Wisniewskisays:

    Love the outdoors 20 years in Military and all in Special Forces with 150lb plus rucksack

  44. Ella Kochersays:

    Recently gotten super into hiking and outdoor adventures! I’m pumped to expand my collection of everything so hopefully I can one day hike the AT!


    My adventure awaits!! <3

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