Explore The Outdoor With Highly Technical and Lightweight Hiking Footwear from Helly Hansen

Are you looking for an amazing pair of hiking boots or trekking shoes? Helly Hansen is an excellent choice for those who prefer high-performance hiking footwear.

The Verglas collection of men’s and women’s hiking shoes by Helly Hansen are highly technical, protective, and waterproof.

Traverse HellyTech Waterproof Hiking Shoes

The Helly Hansen Verglas hiking footwear line includes the Traverse Boot HT and Traverse HT, enabling outdoor enthusiasts and hikers to feel prepared to face challenging terrain and unpredictably changing weather for extended days on the mountain.

Kristofer Eidsgaard, VP for Footwear at Helly Hansen, said the brand’s “Verglas hiking footwear collection delivers highly technical and innovative designs without compromising lightweight comfort and agility.”

“While performance and protection remain our top priority, we’re always looking for ways to be more responsible – from using recycled materials to taking a new approach to the design and production process – which we’ve done with these footwear styles and will continue to explore for future collections,” he said.

The Traverse HT offers a mid-cut choice for an agile, extremely lightweight shoe, while the Traverse Boot HT measures slightly higher and gives increased ankle support.

These shoes blend cutting-edge technology with creative materials to improve stability and protection without adding weight.

Both styles include a variety of features:

Additionally, the bulk of the top of the Traverse HT and Traverse Boot HT is made of recycled materials, including the lining and laces, which are made of 100% recycled polyester.

Likewise, both designs were created utilizing a cutting-edge 5D printing technique, in which material layers were specifically designed to give more protection while staying flexible and incredibly light.

Both the Traverse Boot HT and Traverse HT come in men’s and women’s styles and will continue to be available in-store and online.

Images courtesy of Helly Hansen

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