Explore the Outdoors With Bajío's New Hopedale Sunglasses

Bajío Sunglasses has unveiled the Hopedale, their newest sunglasses from the 2024 collection.

These versatile shades cater to both style and performance, making them perfect for any adventure.

Fashion and Function In Your Sunglasses

Hopedale offers a combination of features that ensure optimal visual clarity and a comfortable, stylish fit.

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Unmatched Clarity and Eye Protection

Choose from seven polarized lens colors, all featuring Bajío’s proprietary Blue Light blocking LAPIS Technology.

LAPIS technology provides maximum eye protection by filtering out harmful UV rays and reducing glare, ensuring your eyes remain safe from sun damage.

This advanced technology also enhances contrast, sharpening visual details and allowing you to see objects more clearly, whether on land or water.

Additionally, LAPIS lenses offer vibrant color perception, blocking blue light and enhancing natural colors to let you experience the world in stunning detail.

Whether you’re navigating choppy waters, hitting the trails, or simply enjoying a sunny day, Hopedale’s lenses ensure you spot anything that moves, with exceptional clarity and vibrant color.

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Beyond the Basics: A Perfect Fit for Every Adventure

The Hopedale isn’t just about style and protection; it’s designed for maximum comfort and functionality during any activity.

The bio-based nylon construction is lightweight and durable, ensuring your sunglasses won’t weigh you down, while the narrow temples and barrel hinges provide a secure, snag-free fit.

For those who require corrective lenses, the Hopedale is also available in prescription and reader options.

This ensures you can experience the superior clarity and protection of LAPIS technology without sacrificing your vision needs.

A Spectrum of Style and Protection

The Hopedale comes in four frame colors to suit your taste, including classic options like Black Gloss and Brown Tort Gloss, along with trendier Green Mango Gloss and Blue Cream Gloss.

No matter your style, there’s a Hopedale frame to complement your look.

Ready to Experience the Hopedale?

Visit your nearest Bajío retailer or browse their website to find the perfect Hopedale sunglasses for your next adventure.

Let your eyes see the world in a whole new light with superior protection, comfort, and style.

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