Farm To Summit Dehydrated Meals: Phenomenal Bites And Solid Nutrition

Farm To Summit is a small company with a big mission! They strive to create the most phenomenal backcountry bites loaded with solid nutrition. Their dehydrated meals are crafted from a sustainably sourced food chain and are packaged in eco-concious pouches.

The meals they make are comfort food no matter where your adventures take you. From their Green Chili Mac & Cheese to their Three Bean Chili & Cornbread, you’ll be delighted that these meals taste more like home cooking than the standard dehydrated meal fare. Not a single beef stroganoff in sight, thankfully!

nutritious and clean energy

The back of Farm To Summit’s Wild Mushroom Pot Pie shows what this company is all about: simple, nutritious ingredients and a passion for doing good by our planet!

Recently, I was able to feast on the Farm To Summit Wild Mushroom Pot Pie and Thai Red Curry. And let me tell you: these are meals I would eat any time, any day. Dare I say they are worthy of being a staple in your cupboard for days when you don’t have time to cook up dinner? I dare.

On adventures these meals are a daily highlight. A moment of taste sensation. It’s a glorious thing when camp food is so darn delicious.

farm to summit phenomenal line up of dehydrated meals

On top of yummy, nutritious dehydrated meals, Farm To Summit also makes scrumptious individual serving lattes and hot drinks. These are clutch when you need some caffeine or a morale boost at camp!

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Dehydrated Meals That Give A Damn

From start to finish, the creation of Farm To Summit dehydrated meals proves that a company can make delicious, nutritious meals in a good-for-the-planet kind of way. By using perfectly healthy produce deemed damaged, Farm To Summit mitigates food waste. By loading up their meals with veggies, Farm To Summit meals offer a wallop of nutrition.

a good variety of nutritious and delicious meals

The mission of Farm To Summit is to shake up the way we eat in the backcountry and to help mend the broken links in our food system. They are a company that gives a damn and that is pretty darn cool.

Lattes On The Menu

Backcountry coffee can get gross. And that’s why we are super excited by Farm To Summit’s lattes! Whether you love a classic latte or prefer an oat milk latte, they’ve got you covered. Not a coffee fan? No problem! They also make a very comforting golden milk latte that is a bit similar to a chai latte, sans caffeine.

lattes on the menu

Sustainablity Is Key

If sustainability is something that matters to you, prepare to be impressed! Not only does Farm To Summit use Omnidegradable® and compostable packaging, they can boast being the most sustainably packaged dehydrated meal company on the market! If this intrigues you, read more about their packaging.

a person feasting on a sustainably packaged farm to summit meal in the backcountry

It’s refreshing to see a dehydrated meal company that cares so deeply for doing things the right way where sustainability is concerned. Farm To Summit is in another category entirely where good practices are concerned.

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Who is Farm To Summit?

Farm To Summit is a small women-owned company based out of Durango, Colorado. Founders Jane and Louise aim to create farm fresh and flavor packed meals that are sustainably produced and packaged. Farm To Summit is working to reduce food waste within our system and as the company grows, they have done so responsibility, sticking to their core values.

the founders of Farm To Summit on a mountain

Jane and Louise are the founders of Farm To Summit.

See the Farm To Summit Meal Offerings, and learn more about Farm To Summit.

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