Feast Your Eyes on the Knockaround Pacific Palisades Sahara Horizon Sunglasses

Is it just me, or is the sun getting even brighter these days? Even if that’s not the case, it sure seems to be, and that’s why I always have a pair of polarized sunglasses at the ready.

The new Knockaround Pacific Palisades in Sahara Horizon are an incredibly durable, affordable, and great-looking pair of shades. These snazzy specs sport polarized amber lenses, UV400 protection, and an FDA-approved level of impact resistance.

When considering your next go-to pair of sunglasses, these would be a wise choice. They’re relatively inexpensive at only $28 a pair and offer plenty of value — all while looking sharp.

Meet the Knockaround Pacific Palisades sunglasses!

The Knockaround Pacific Palisades shades rock a vintage oversized look which is great for driving, long walks on the beach, trail, or street, or simply having a drink on the patio with friends. They are lightweight and grip your face well, so they should suit just fine for any active or chill situation.

UV400 Protection keeps harmful UV rays out of your precious eyes.

The Knockaround Pacific Palisades come with a protective pouch, which is a great touch at this price point. Knockaround recommends these sunglasses for medium to larger-sized faces. For a budget-friendly pair of shades, the Knockaround Pacific Palisades should be at the top of your wishlist. And with free shipping on orders over $40 bucks, you really can’t go wrong.

See the Knockaround Pacific Palisades Sunglasses

Knockaround Pacific Palisades Specifications

Feature Type Feature Specs What This Means
Weight 24g So light you’re likely to forget you’re wearing them.
Type Aviator Classic styling.
UV Protection UV400 Filters over 99% of UV rays.
Polarized Yes Reduces glare on horizontal surfaces.
Lens Color Amber Great for driving.
Impact Resitant Lenses FDA-approved impact resistance Great for not losing an eye during an accident.
Lens Type Oversized Full coverage sun protection.
Frame Size 146mm width, 51.8mm height, 19mm bridge, 141mm temple Great for medium to large faces.
Lens Size 54mm lens Slightly oversized lens styling. Not too big, not too small.
Fit Slim and tight Order a size up if you don’t prefer a snug fit.
Free Returns Up to 30 days to return your shades If you don’t like ’em send them right back.
Retail Price $28 A bargain for great shades.

See the Knockaround Pacific Palisades Sunglasses

Unique Features of Knockaround Pacific Palisades Sahara Horizon Sunglasses

These shades come with their own protective pouch. Sweet!

The Knockaround Pacific Palisades shades sport UV400 protection which is basically like sunscreen for your eyes. Actually putting sunscreen in your eyes is a TERRIBLE idea, though putting these shades over your eyes is a great idea.

A UV400 rating means that 99.9% of UV light is filtered out. Wearing sunglasses isn’t always about shielding your eyes from the bright sun but rather keeping your sensitive eyeballs protected from damaging UV rays. This UV protection isn’t some special coating. Nope. It’s engineered into the lens, so it will stick around as long as you don’t lose your shades!

The polarized amber lenses are fantastic for driving as they don’t distort color.

The polarized amber lenses are another specialized feature of the Knockaround Pacific Palisades sunglasses. The amber tint is known to be one of the best colors for driving as they maintain color distinction.

This is also great for active sports like running or mountain biking. Polarization helps to reduce glare from flat surfaces, so whether you’re paddle boarding on the lake or skiing some fresh powder, you’re going to love the strongly polarized lenses in these glasses.

Classic Styling and Robust Construction

The frame and arms on the Pacific Palisades feature robust construction. The nose bridge is plenty thick and won’t crack or bend, and the whole frame shares these characteristics. The entire package is well constructed and will resist flexion, which is what you want in a pair of shades that you’re likely to, uh, knock around.

These Knockaround shades are fantastic all-day shades. Driving, hiking, or out-on-the-town — they pass the vibe check.

We’re highlighting the Sahara Horizon design, which is quite stunning, but there are a dozen Pacific Palisades sunglasses to choose from, each with its own unique aesthetic. You’re certain to find a pair that matches your style.

One tough pair of shades.

How the Knockaround Pacific Palisades Compare to other Sunglasses

Knockaround VS Goodr Mach G

Goodr has made a name for themselves for offering affordable shades that are great for active people. However, when comparing the Mach G with the Knockaround Pacific Palisades, there are some differences worth noting. First of all, you can knab the Knockaround shades at a lower price point. In a time when a few dollars is the difference in a gallon or two of gas, that’s a big deal. The Goodr shades also sport mirrored lenses which aren’t everyone’s style — polarizing, you might say, and not in the good kind of way.

Knockaround VS Blenders Eyewear VS Shady Rays 

Both Blenders Eyewear and Shady Rays have similar offerings to the Knockaround Pacific Palisades sunglasses. However, both of these brands come in at about double the price of the Knockaround shades. Shady Rays offers free replacements, which is great — but if you don’t plan to lose your sunglasses, then you just wind up paying for two of them anyway. Blenders Eyewear, in their similar style offerings, utilizes a very thin frame which can be uncomfortable and less durable than the Knockaround Pacific Palisades, which has a much sturdier frame. The Knockaround’s cost $28 bucks compared to the $59 price tag of the Blenders.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of competitively priced sunglasses on the market today. The Knockaround Pacific Palisades represent a fantastic buy for the price. When it comes to sunglasses, we want just a few things: Performance and style at a price that won’t break the bank. Knockaround delivers a home run with their budget-friendly and high-performance sunglasses. They’re the sunglasses that Goldilocks would choose — they’re just right.

So stylish!

See the Knockaround Pacific Palisades Sunglasses

Who is Knockaround?

Knockaround has been making affordable and versatile shades since 2005. The brand got its name from the founder’s father who had a pair of sneakers he’d wear while mowing the lawn. He called them his “Knockaround” sneakers because he could always count on them — they were reliable, and he didn’t care if they got wrecked.

Founder Adam Moyer applied these same principles to the aptly named Knockaround sunglasses brand. Knockaround makes sunglasses that look and perform great but that don’t cost an arm and a leg (or an eye), so you don’t need to fear if anything happens to them.

An embossed “K” for Knockaround.

See the Knockaround Pacific Palisades in Sahara Horizon, and learn more about Knockaround.

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