Filson x Ten Thousand Collab Features Great Activewear Pieces

Filson has collaborated with Ten Thousand to bring you an ultimate training wardrobe that is crafted from their best materials and cut in ways that are flattering.

The collection includes great activewear pieces that have been put through the test to ensure it withstands tough training.

The Filson x Ten Thousand Tech Zip Hoodie is ideal for three-season use during workout or recovery.

The hoodie’s cotton-blend fabric is designed with four-way stretch and moisture-wicking technology to help you move freely and keep dry, and it has been treated to resist stains and odors.

The training shirt you’ll reach for during every session is the Filson x Ten Thousand Versatile Shirt.

This shirt is the kind that you won’t even realize you’re wearing thanks to thousands of fit preferences and dimensions being recorded, as well as intensive field testing for comfort.

Meanwhile, the Filson x Ten Thousand Tactical Shorts were developed to satisfy the training requirements of military soldiers getting ready for the most difficult operations.

In order to design shorts that combine optimum comfort with the toughness to withstand the most demanding training, Ten Thousand spoke with former members of top Special Ops teams.

The extreme athletes who train hard every day are the target market for the Filson x Ten Thousand Training Socks.

They have anatomical arch support, compression ribbing to prevent foot fatigue, and strategic padding.

Check out this amazing outdoor collection at Filson.

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