Fly Fishing Like a Pro: Backcountry Guide Picks the Perfect Kit

For fly fishing enthusiasts, meticulous preparation is key. Unlike other fishing styles, fly fishing demands precision – and that starts with the right equipment.’s Gearhead experts, constantly testing gear in world-class fisheries, reveal their top picks to help you land that trophy catch.

Connecting with Nature Through Quality Gear

Backcountry believes in the power of nature and wants to equip everyone to experience its wonders.

Fly fishing isn’t just about catching – it’s about the connection with the outdoors, the thrill of a precise cast, and the satisfaction of outsmarting a wary fish.

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Top Picks for Every Fly Fishing Need

Best Fly Rod: Orvis Helios F Fly Rod

This 4th-generation rod boasts accuracy, distance, and a 25% durability increase over its predecessor.

The “F” stands for finesse, ideal for delicate presentations on small streams or when targeting wary trout.

Best Fly Rod: Orvis Helios F Fly Rod

Best Fly Reel: Orvis Mirage LT Reel

A lighter version of a classic, the Mirage LT is perfect for light rods.

Despite its delicate profile and weight reduction (30% lighter and narrower than the Mirage), it packs enough punch to handle strong fish like pike or carp.

It’s also delicate enough for dainty trout, making it a perfect, lightweight go-to for all your freshwater adventures.

Best Fly Reel: Orvis Mirage LT Reel

Best Men’s Wader: Simms G4Z Stockingfoot Wader

An upgrade on the Simms G4, the G4Z features a waterproof front zipper for convenience during nature calls and premium GORE-TEX construction for breathability and durability.

Whether you’re wading through fast-moving rivers or stalking fish in a still lake, these waders will keep you dry and comfortable.

Best Men's Wader: Simms G4Z Stockingfoot Wader

Best Women’s Wader: Patagonia Swiftcurrent Wader

Highly breathable and comfortable, these waders keep you dry while offering easy access to your fly box.

The built-in chest pocket lets you focus on the moment without wasting time digging through your pack.

Best Women's Wader: Patagonia Swiftcurrent Wader

Best Pack: Patagonia Stealth 30L Pack

This water-resistant pack, made from recycled materials, is perfect for the stealthy approach.

The cushioned back features an integrated net holster for quick access, so you can land your catch efficiently.

The 30L capacity provides ample space for essential gear and keeps you light on your feet.

Best Pack: Patagonia Stealth 30L Pack

Ready to Catch Your Dream Fish?

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Explore the rest of’s 2024 Fly Fishing Guide for even more essential gear.

With the right equipment and a little practice, you’ll be casting like a pro and catching fish in no time.

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