Foehn Launches New Category of Outdoor Performance Sportswear

Foehn is proud to announce the launch of its new SS22 Collection that takes Foehn’s signature meld of tech and eye for fine design into new pieces for Running and Mountain Biking.

The Canadian outdoor performance sportswear brand delivers a fresh take on the athletic space with its newly created category of Outdoor Performance Sportswear, featuring garments that do it all.

Ingrid Sirois, Foehn’s Co-Founder, said the brand’s newest expansion to Mountain Biking and  Running further supports its mission to serve adventurers with brilliant generalist garments for multisport athletes who demand both ultimate performance and street style.

The brand’s SS22 collection for men and women debuts more than a dozen new pieces, embracing multi-use bottoms, tops, and outerwear.

Each Foehn creation shows the same totality of vision, thought, and effort, and speaks in a sophisticated design language that first broke out among climbers, who are now joined by bikers, runners, and omni-adventurers.

Fueled by the concept that outdoor apparel can be different, Foehn goes beyond narrow sports-use niches to establish itself as the world’s first outdoor performance sportswear brand and redefines how adventurers wear and use their gear.

The new groundbreaking collection embraces must-haves designed for the real multi-athletic world.

Foehn’s SS22 Collection is made with the most technical fabrics, designed for riding, running, climbing, and hiking in all conditions.

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