FORLOH Launches ThermoNeutral Down Collection with Trailblazing Features

FORLOH, a leading outdoor apparel brand, has introduced its ThermoNeutral Down Collection, redefining cold-weather gear with groundbreaking features.

Crafted entirely in the US, these puffy coats, vests, and pants boast Amish duck-down insulation, setting them apart in both origin and quality.

What makes FORLOH’s ThermoNeutral Down Collection stand out?

Designed for both men and women, the Vest is priced at $299, the Jacket at $399, and the Down Pant at $399.

Beyond their cutting-edge features, these garments represent FORLOH’s commitment to innovation and American craftsmanship.

FORLOH’s ThermoNeutral Down Collection invites consumers to experience a new standard in outdoor wear, seamlessly blending advanced technology with timeless quality.

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