FORLOH: Why American-Made Matters

Have you ever wondered why American-made clothes matter? It’s true that most of these premium technical outdoor apparel brands are focusing on sourcing from overseas factories, but FORLOH is different.

FORLOH chose to be 100% American-Made, sourcing and manufacturing everything from the waterproof membranes to the stickers they produce in the United States.

The brand is committed to incorporating the most cutting-edge emerging fabric technologies while sourcing and manufacturing everything in the United States.

This is unprecedented and gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Made in America.”

FORLOH is putting the best clothes on your back while working with 60 organizations and companies in the US, from spinning yarn to cut-and-sew to partnering with Downlite to source the first ever USA 800+ fill down.

This technical outdoor brand sees many advantages to building a brand around the American supply chain, which most brands see as prohibitively expensive: quality control, real-time feedback and design adjustments, and stealth in bringing new products to market.

Whereas the typical outdoor apparel manufacturer may have parts and elements from up to ten different countries, continents, and oceans, with turnaround times of up to two years for new product development, FORLOH has been able to cut down to months while remaining virtually unaffected by COVID-era supply chain issues, and they are just getting started.

Watch the video below to learn why buying American-made products goes beyond simple patriotism and provides the best solution for strengthening the national economy.

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