Form, Function, and Design in MiiR x Kane Collab

The MiiR x Kane collaboration is a game changer as these brands take form, function, and style to the max.

MiiR has paired its limited-edition Camp Cup with matching Revive Active Recovery Shoes by Kane in a partnership that both looks good and does good.

In the Revive Active Recovery Shoe, Kane introduced their speckled design to the upper portion of the shoe.

For the creation of footwear that aids athletes in recovering in comfort and style, the brands blended scientific ideas with environmentally friendly materials.

These shoes from Kane are ultra-durable, washable, and quick-drying with the goal of optimizing the active recovery experience.

Meanwhile, the collab has brought the 12oz Camp Cup with an all-new splatter pattern to the Hardshell Powder Coat in a more durable, matte finish.

With a sleek, contemporary design, the MiiR Camp Cup pays homage to the classic camp cup style.

Together with the press-fit sliding cover and double-wall vacuum insulation, an ergonomic handle is included as well.

This limited edition collaboration features firsts for both brands, so be sure to check the Kane x MiiR Bundle.

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