Fox River: Snow Socks for Hitting the Slopes

Deep powder, squishy slush, and every form of snow between all have one thing in common—they’re cold. Snow socks are the insulating layer between your boots and your feet. As such, they’re among the most important piece of gear strapped to your body when your shredding the slopes, hiking the snow-covered backcountry, or sledding down your neighborhood snow hill.

Fox River has been innovating in the sock industry since 1900. If you’re looking for a comfortable, warm pair of snow socks for yourself or as a gift, there is sure to be a pair of Fox River snow socks that meets your needs.

Fox Socks

Fox River snow socks are made for action, and they’re also good for relaxing.

Fox River carries a wide range of snow socks for women, men, and children. They’re available in several different cushions weights, multiple heights, and an eclectic assortment of colors and designs. No matter your comfort or style preferences, Fox River has got your feet covered.

Fox River Snow Socks

Fox River has snow socks for every wintry situation—no matter whether you’re aiming to make runs down the mountain all day long or prefer to sit fireside in the lodge in plush comfort.

Fox Socks Hiking

Snow socks for any activity.

As Much Cushion as You Want

You may prefer a hefty amount of cushion, such as is found in the Snow Pack socks, if warmth and coziness are more your cup of tea. On the other hand, ultra-lightweight cushion socks like the Freeriders are the perfect choice for active snowsport enthusiasts due to their excellent Wick Dry technology and slim profile.

Fox River has snow socks in ultra-lightweight, lightweight, and medium weight cushion levels. Plus, you can opt for either mid-calf boot or over-the-calf heights.

Fox Socks Cushion

Reinforced heels and toes for long-lasting durability.

The Best Socks Materials

To complement the levels of cushion, Fox River snow socks are available in multiple material blends. Some may prefer the all-natural antimicrobial and sweat-wicking properties of Merino wool, while others seek out the durability of polyester and acrylic or the stretch of spandex.

Fox River

Could feet BE any more comfortable than these tootsies look?

What’s your preferred blend? The only way to know is to try them out. Or, you can go all-in on a pair of socks like the Prima Lifts, which contain a little bit of everything in their well-rounded design.

Fox Socks Snowboard

Gear up and get outside.

Winter Style and Comfort for Everyone

And of course, for some, it’s all about the styles they’ll be rocking while swapping snowshoes at the ski shop and relaxing at their mountain cabin. Fox River offers dozens of styles to choose from, including neutral-colored snowdrifts to off-colored camo and even the all-American stars and stripes.

Fox River Snow Socks

The designers at Fox Socks know what they’re doing. These socks are awesome!

Fun and Functional Snow Socks for Women, Men, and Kids

Find your next pair of snow socks at Fox River. Choose from a wide selection of snow socks and other socks and accessories for women, men, and children.

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