Fox River Socks: Trail-Ready Wool and Compression Socks

Fox River has a long history of sock innovation and has maintained an ever-present commitment to achieving a better fit. That’s why Fox River socks are known around the world by enthusiasts of many different active pursuits.

No matter your sporting niche, Fox River has a pair of socks to fill it. At, we’re keen on the wide range of hiking socks, running socks, compression socks, snow socks, and all other outdoor socks that Fox River offers.

Fox River Hiking Socks

Fox River socks are ready for the trail or somewhere off the beaten path.

However, you may find the company’s specialized working socks, hunting socks, or military socks to better suit your footwear needs. Fox River has pioneered multiple industry-changing technologies across all of these different sock categories. Plus, the company has continued to incorporate new sustainable fibers and footprint-reducing business practices to lessen its impact on the environment over the year since its inception.

Fox River Crew Socks

Ready for adventure.

Fox River Socks: American Made since 1900

Standing tall as America’s oldest sock brand, Fox River has more than a century of experience in perfecting what you put on your feet. As a result, they’ve been at the forefront of countless industry trends and have set quite a few themselves.

In 1985, for instance, Fox River introduced its signature Wick-Dry technology to keep your feet dry no matter how hard they work. Following that, the company developed the first-ever women’s-specific performance sock in 2000, then soon followed that up with the Fox River URfit in 2011—a personalized fit system to create a memory-knit infused sock that perfectly forms to your foot.

Fox River American Made Socks

American made in the heart of the country.

And they’ve taken these game-changing technological advancements and imparted them upon all of their different sock categories.

Fox River Mill

Where happy socks are born.

All Fox River socks are made in a state-of-the-art Mill located in Osage, Iowa, exactly where it all started.

Socks for Every Activity: Hiking, Running, Compression, and More

Fox River has developed an array of specialized socks—more than we can talk about here. What we’re most excited about, though, is all of the outdoor activity-focused socks.

Fox River Running Socks

Get ready to run!

From winter’s slippery slopes to summer’s dusty trails, Fox River has your feet covered. Within each sock category, there are multiple sock lengths, designs, and fabrics to choose from so that you can further dial in your selection to fit your specific needs.

Fox River Boot Socks

Sometimes, taller socks are the way to go.

Do you need a bootcut sock? Low cut trail running socks? How about a pair of odorless wool socks that have been blended with quick-dry CoolMax fibers that’ll keep your toes dry and fresh while out on the trail? The options never seem to end.

Fox River Backpack Socks

It’s always smart to bring an extra pair.

A Few of Our Favorites

As there are so many awesome Fox River socks to choose from, we thought it’d be wise to start you off on the right foot. So here are a few of our favorites.

Fox River Compression Socks

These designs are awesome.

Our Top Fox River Socks for Trail Runners

Trail runners will want to look into the Run Strong collection. Olympic Gold Medal Winner Billy Mills inspired these socks, and a portion of each pair sold is donated to uplift the lives of Native American youth.

Our Top Fox River Socks for Hikers

Hikers will never go wrong with a high-quality lightweight crew sock, especially with these blended CoolMax and Merino wool men’s MX1 Crew Socks and women’s MX1 Crew Socks.

Our Top Fox River Socks for Camp

Whether you’re car camping or in the miles-deep into a backpacking journey, when you’re at camp, you’re resting and recovering. That’s why we like the Fatigue Fighter Ultra-Lightweight Compression Socks for chilling at camp. They’ll keep you warm and help your muscles recover.

Fox River Camp Socks

Cozy and carefree at camp.

Browse the Entire Fox River Collection

Looking for something a little different? Riffle through the entire Fox River sock collection on your own to find your dream sock—there’s much more to see beyond what we’ve mentioned here.

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