Gear Up For The New School Year With lululemon

Wondering how to start the new school year with a little more pep?

Look no further. From fantastic and stylish backpacks to on-trend belt bags, lululemon has all of the essentials you need to get yourself looking brand new in no time.

If you’re shopping for a new bag, the lululemon’s All Day Essentials Backpack is what you need for your school life on the go.

This backpack’s streamlined design allows you to sort, stash, and find your stuff with ease, thanks to its wide zippered opening.

Another amazing option is the brand’s new Crew Backpack which features dedicated compartments for your laptop, workout gear, and water bottle for an organized state of mind.

The Pack and Go Multi Wear Bag allows the user to wear it in so many ways as you can carry it as a backpack, cross-body, or one-shoulder, or tuck the straps away when you want to grab and go.

For the athletic type student, the Fast and Free Running Belt is lightweight, breathable, and fits all your essentials, so you can go far.

There is an incredible selection of lululemon products that can help you look and feel great when you go back to school. Shop online at lululemon now!

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