Gerber Launches Spring 2023 Collection

There’s an adventure to be had this spring. And Gerber just launched its 2023 Spring Collection, which will help you thrive in the outdoors and prepare you for the most significant journeys of your life.

This is not just for the upcoming trips on your calendar — but for your everyday adventures, too.

The Dual-Force, a part of Gerber’s new line, stands out from other multi-tools because of its multilayer structure, which gives it twice as much force and jaw strength to manage any work that is thrown at it.

Extra-large teeth and an adjustable two-position slip joint jaw provide a tight grip on a variety of fasteners and unmatched control.

Meanwhile, the Armbar Scout has a lot of functionality packed into a lightweight, useful, and adventure-friendly design.

These types of multi-tools are an everyday essential that can also make a big difference when you bring them outdoors.

The Confidant is a blade designed for outdoor adventurers that combines contemporary materials and design with a classic Nessmuk-inspired design.

These gears from Gerber’s Spring Collection will have you ready to thrive in the outdoors. So pack them up and let’s go.

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