Get 50% off AllTrails+ and Start New Habits

What better time to get outdoors than the start of a new season?

Whether spring has you heading to pristine nature or into trail running, AllTrails+ gives you the tools you need to get outside, be safe, and stay connected.

With a 50% discount AllTrails+ subscription available from March 24 through 28 using promo code spring2023, it’s time to spring into new habits this month.

Spending less time deciding where you want to go and more time enjoying where you are is possible with the AllTrails+ membership.

Likewise, you can prepare for your outdoor trip – from elevation and terrain to weather and air quality.

Even when your phone is in your pocket and there is no cell service, this application enables you to never miss a turn and enjoy extra navigational tools to stay on course.

With the trail preview feature, you can make planning even easier by getting a feel for the trail before leaving home.

Also, you can check out the terrain, and elevation at specific points, and get an immersive preview of any trail.

Do more outdoors with all the premium safety and planning tools AllTrails+ has to offer. Check out their website for more details.

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Leonard loves traveling and experiencing new places and people. He enjoys going on walks and communing with nature. Leonard is also passionate about education and what it can do to conserve the environment.

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