Different by Design, Different by Construction: Outdoor Pants From KUHL

Never before have there been so many different pants options. This has never been so hard — to choose and find. But the good thing is, you can now do it with KÜHL.

KUHL: Different by Design, Different by Construction

KUHL offers a wide range of pants in their “different by design,  different by construction” kind of way.

The Radikl Men’s Pant combines year-round elegance and performance with the convenience of sweatpants.

Only the Radikl features a stretch knit back yoke panel, and the waistband and French fly are lined with silky micro-chamois for comfort.

It includes seven pockets: two front jean-style pockets, one coin pocket, two rear pockets, one stealth mobile phone pocket, and one 3D gusseted pocket.

Meanwhile, the Revolvr Men’s Pant is made of KÜHL’s lightweight and quick-drying ÜberKÜHL stretch fabric, which provides durability and comfort.

These easy-care trousers include cotton breathability, anti-abrasion toughness, and forgiving stretch, as well as outstanding UV protection (UPF 50) and seven storage pockets.

The exclusive DURALUX fabric used in the KÜHL’s Renegade Men’s Pant delivers outstanding comfort and performance while staying sturdy and breathable.

The Renegade provides exceptional sun protection (UPF 50+) as well as great anti-abrasion and rapid drying characteristics.

The renowned Rydr Men’s Pant defines toughness, durability, and comfort, with reinforced pockets and bottom cuffs that extend the life of this classic jean style.

The Rydr set a new benchmark for individuals who live life on the go, thanks to its revolutionary articulated knee design.

Whether you are an outdoor person, a craftsman, or just an ordinary guy—KÜHL has pants for everyone.

Image courtesy of KUHL

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