Gnarly Releases Two New Limited-Edition Hydrate Flavors

Gnarly has released two new limited-edition hydrate flavors in the fight for summer hydration.

These two new flavors – Salted Margarita and Lemonade – are not only refreshing but also absolutely delicious.

What’s special about these flavors? They are the first of Gnarly’s Limited Edition Flavor series.

The brand wants to prepare you for those hot summer days with the best hydration on the block by dropping two new flavors that will absolutely knock your socks off.

The Salted Margarita tastes just like the real thing, but it won’t make you jump up and down on tables or give you a headache when you wake up.

Like a margarita from your favorite taco stand, it is a delightful combination of lime and salt.

For those who may prefer their drinks a little saltier, the Salted Margarita is specially created with 500mg of sodium per serving.

Meanwhile, the Lemonade Hydrate has a refreshing summer flavor that reminds you of the lovely lemonade your mother used to make for you on sweltering summer days.

The only difference is that the exercise hydration drink mix is it is brimming with electrolytes and B vitamins, two nutrients essential to athletic performance.

Electrolytes, like sodium, and magnesium, are critical for proper hydration, nerve function, muscle function, and body pH.

Gnarly would only do a small run of each variety— and they’ll go quick. So, hurry and check out Gnarly’s official website now!

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