Helly Hansen Launches New 2022 Fall and Winter Collection

Autumn equinox has hit like a hammer, and at least where we are, it is officially crisp-chill-in-the-air-full-on fall. So the time has come to layer up for these golden-leaved outdoor adventures, and dare we suggest, start to dream of winter skiing!

The 2022 Helly Hansen fall and winter collection is coming in hot and just at the right moment. See what Helly Hansen has in store for men and women now!

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It’s never too cold when you’re wearing the right gear.

Helly Hansen Understands the Cold

If there is one certainty in this world, it’s that Norwegians know how to stay warm in cold conditions — as such, they also know how to make gear that helps you enjoy the outdoors in the most frigid temps.

Helly Hansen has been helping adventure enthusiasts survive the elements for 140 years. It began in 1877 when sea captain Helly Hansen and his wife Maren Margrethe began making waterproof oilskin jackets, trousers, sou’westers, and tarpaulins to keep his Norwegian crew warm and dry. Now, Helly Hansen gear is worn not only by modern-day professional sailors but outdoors people of all inclinations.

Helly Hansen’s 2022 Fall and Winter Collection

With the latest innovations in insulation and water resistance, Helly Hansen’s collection of fall and winter gear will have you quite literally covered. Bring on ski season!

Helly Hansen has always been on the cutting edge regarding waterproof technology, and this season’s new arrivals promise the same. The noteworthy features across this cold-weather clothing lineup include ultra waterproof, super warm, durable, good movement, and spectacular style.

Helly Hansen Skier

Helly Hansen can help you reach new heights!

Responsible and Long Lasting Waterproofing

Many jackets and pants in this lineup feature Helly Hansen’s own unique hydrophobic textile, LIFA Infinity Pro™. This is a responsible, durable, waterproof fabric made without the use of chemicals.

Helly Hansen Skier

Built to last. Designed for the outdoors.

Pretty impressive, considering it is the first-to-market waterproof/breathable fabric tech made entirely without added chemicals — you also don’t need to reapply the repellency over time. Eco-friendly and long-lasting waterproofing? Consider us sold!

Standout Gear in the 2022 Helly Hansen Fall and Winter Lineup

The Helly Hansen Fall and Winter Collection looks as good as it performs!

The Elevation Infinity 2.0 Ski Shell Jacket is back with improvements, including the aforementioned LIFA Infinity Pro™ fabric. This coat had already won awards, so the 2.0 version is sure to be nothing short of stellar.

Likewise, the Elevation Infinity Shell 2.0 Ski Pants are another high-performance, sure-to-be skier favorite. These bad boys are waterproof, breathable, hard-wearing, and have a high back to keep the snow out of where it doesn’t belong. Plus, there’s a D-Ring in the hip pocket for a transceiver and an integrated RECCO transponder system to keep you safe. Not much more you can ask for in ski pants.

If you like to hit the slopes but prefer not to feel the wind or piles of fresh powder filling your nooks and crannies, the ULLR Chugach Infinity Powder Suit is for you. Wondering if it has the same magic LIFA fabric? Of course it does! It also features slick styling that’s sure to have everyone on the lift staring as you pass by.

The Ridge Infinity Ski Shell Jacket, already a favorite of pro skiers, is back and upgraded with LIFA INFINITY™ engineering. The ridge features a waterproof/breathable membrane and an extremely waterproof/breathable 3-layer HELLY TECH® PROFESSIONAL construction. We have a feeling this jacket will stay a favorite!

Merino Wool Layers

Beyond hardcore ski gear, Helly Hansen is also dropping their own specially made merino wool products in this launch. They’ve combined a 100% merino wool layer with LIFA® fiber technology in a 2-layer construction you can find in different styles. Perfect for fall or as a winter baselayer!

See the Full Helly Hansen Collection

We could list every one of these new items we are stoked about, but some things you have to see for yourself. Check out bibs, shell pants, stretch coats, rainwear, trench coats, and more, featuring the latest in waterproof engineering — see the entire Helly Hansen Fall and Winter Collection for men and women.

It’s time to layer up for fall and winter!

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