Helly Hansen Odin Lightweight Stretch Hooded Insulator 2.0: Epic Active Insulation

If spring has you itching for adventure but the temperatures outside are feeling chilly and maybe even a bit wintery still, it can be hard to decide what to wear. A down puffy is overkill. A light jacket might not cut it. Too many layers can get uncomfortable quick! This kind of shoulder season weather chaos is where active insulation truly shines.

the helly hansen odin lightweight stretch hooded insulator

Helly Hansen’s Odin Lightweight Stretch Hooded Insulator 2.0 is the perfect active insulation for your spring shenanigans and crisp-weather adventures. It’s a Goldilocks jacket for cold spring weather; offering just enough insulation to keep ya cozy and not so much that you overheat when the heart-rate goes up! Hello, inclines!

The Odin Lightweight Stretch Insulator 2.0 weighs in at 500 grams. It packs down small, making it a no-brainer to bring along on any adventure! If you plan to have some mountain fun this is an especially nice jacket to rock once you’ve cleared treeline and things get breezy. Brrr!

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Unique Features of Helly Hansen’s Odin Lightweight Stretch Hooded Insulator 2.0

Active Insulation

When it’s cold out but you’re going to be working up a sweat, it’s important to wear clothing that is purpose built for that. The Odin Lightweight Stretch Hooded Insulator 2.0 is constructed with PrimaLoft® Gold Active. That is a synthetic insulation regarded as the world’s best down alternative. This insulation technology offers a fiber construction that contributes to maximum breathability. PrimaLoft® Gold Active is also quick drying, super lightweight, and just enough warmth to be super comfortable. This jacket has a flat brim hood for extra warmth, and elastic cuffs and hem to lock in some body heat.

showing the breathability of the odin hooded insulator

This is an ultra-breathable jacket and it includes fabric panels that allow for max breathability where it matters most! Hello, armpits!


The Odin Lightweight Stretch Hooded Insulator 2.0 makes a great layer piece under a hardshell. It’s also phenomenal as a standalone outer layer. It’s slim cut and no-bulk construction means this jacket wont get in your way. It has 2-way stretch that moves with you. Because of its breathability, you can wear this jacket year round. It’s versatile in that regard. Whether you’re at an alpine lake on a summer morning or earning your turn on a pow day, this is the perfect piece of gear to help keep you warm. As you can see from the photos here, the Odin Insulator was a great piece for a chilly morning in the Arizona mountains. Yes, it gets cold in Arizona. And when it does, Helly Hansen’s Odin Lightweight Stretch Insulator 2.0 is perfect!

pulling a phone from the handy chest pocket

This active insulation piece has three spacious pockets for any essentials you need to carry.

See the Helly Hansen Odin Lightweight Stretch Hooded Insulator 2.0

Who is Helly Hansen?

Helly Hansen is a Norwegian company that’s been making gear to keep people safe in the wild for over 140 years. They make world class products, trusted by professionals of oceans, mountains and worksites. They’re devoted to creating sustainability in their business and strive to make long-lasting products.

See the Helly Hansen Odin Lightweight Stretch Hooded Insulator 2.0, and learn more about Helly Hansen.

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