Heroclip: The Carabiner Clip and Hook that Hangs Anything

Outdoor people like clipping things to other things. Take, for instance, the sheer number of gear loops on the outside of a backpack. Each one can hold a Nalgene, a solar lantern, a camp mug, First Aid Kits, rope — the list goes on. But your traditional carabiner is rather limited — it can typically hold one thing, and it needs a ready-made loop to make it work.

Heroclip founder Mina Yoo was dissatisfied with this reality and set out to create something more than the carabiner — something that could clip, but also hang, way more gear. Something that works on backpacks and tree limbs, in closets and on workbenches the world over.

heroclip Outdoor Multi 2

Hang whatever you need to hang with Heroclip.

With that as inspiration, meet Heroclip. It’s a carabiner with a secondary pivoting arm that allows you to hang your gear from unsuspecting places. The Heroclip comes in three sizes — Mini, Small, Medium — and works for such a wide variety of products we literally can’t list all them here.

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Heroclip Design and Construction

When creating an outdoor-focused product, construction quality and uniqueness of design are of the utmost importance.

Heroclip’s design takes a handful of clip-, hang-, and store-focused gadgets and replaces them with a single, well-built product. First, the Heroclip is a well-made carabiner. It has an extra-large opening for quick and easy access.

Next, there’s a large swivel arm that’s attached to the carabiner. This folds over the carabiner when not in use, then rotates 360 degrees around the carabiner, giving you a fully-functional hook. The tip of the hook is made with rubber, which helps it grip to surfaces, and allows you to easily hang gear from tree branches, rock ledges, fence posts — you name it — in a few seconds.

heroclip Outdoor Med Red 2

The 360-degree swivel arm has a rubber tip that lets you hang gear from unorthodox places, like rock ledges.

The carabiner and hook can hold up to 60 pounds of gear (for a size Medium), an impressive strength that comes partly from the design, and mostly from the construction. While Heroclip was never tooled to be a climbing-capable carabiner, it needed to hold a solid amount of weight and work after thousands of uses.

heroclip Outdoor Med Sea 1

Perfect for backpacking, the two ounce Heroclip multitool can clip and hang just about anything.

The product achieves this by using individually machined aircraft-grade aluminum throughout. The pivot joints are well made and swivel easily, and the rubber tip is firmly secured and has just enough grip to keep the hook in place. Each Heroclip has a limited lifetime warranty, and weighs between 1-2 ounces depending on size.

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From Camp to Garage

As gearheads, we’re partial to products that work for multiple environments. Heroclip achieves this as a lightweight tool for the backcountry that works just about anywhere. Our team uses these indoors to hang brooms and shopping bags, then throws them on strollers and dog leashes for walks, and of course uses them to hang gear that won’t fit (or that we need on-hand) for extended backcountry trips.

heroclip Outdoor Med Multi 1

The list of possibilities is practically endless.

In the campsite alone you can hang lanterns, bags, tarps, water bottles, cooking utensils, day packs, and clothing to dry. We recommend a Heroclip bundle — which includes a Heroclip and a lantern.

The thing about Heroclips is that the second you use one, you’re going to want more. They pair together, allowing you to quickly and easily secure gear.

Check out Heroclip, and their popular bundle.

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