Meet Barbell Apparel Anything Pants: The Lightweight Travel Pants That Work for Everything

Barbell Apparel is known for innovative workout wear. Tech fabrics, impressive stretch, and sweat resistance have been at the core of every product the brand has launched, and the Anything Pant is the culmination of their dream.


The Barbell Apparel Anything Pant.

It’s a lightweight pant that will work seamlessly for many roles: travel, the office, hiking, lounging, and of course working out. Barbell Apparel set out to make a pair of travel pants that could be your last pant — and it seems they’ve done it.

The Anything Pant comes in two styles, 5-Pocket or Chino, two fits, Straight or Slim, and in a pair of shorts, called the Anything Shorts. It’s available for men and women, with five different colorways to choose from, in fits from X-Small to X-Large.


The Straight Fit Anything Pant is ideal for anyone who wants a hiking and travel pant that also works for the office.

While we love the options, we think the 5-Pocket Straight Anything Pant is the most ideal for hiking and travel. The Shorts rival those made by premium outdoor brands.

There are only a few days left on the Anything Pant Kickstarter Campaign, which has been fully funded (and thensome). Get your last pair of pants while you can.

Fund the Barbell Apparel Anything Pant

Unique Features of the Barbell Apparel Anything Pant

It’s hard to hit the mark with a do-anything travel pant because you’re battling against competing forces. The fit needs to be close enough to look good at the office, yet loose enough to sweat and move in for hiking and constant travel on planes, trains, and metros. The fabric needs to have some shine to it, yet shrug off wrinkles and survive the elements. And it needs to look and feel substantial, yet weigh so little that it can fit in a backpack.

The Anything Pant knocks it out of the park. The fabric — dubbed Tech Denim — has a stretchy, thick feel in hand. But when you put it on, it has the slight shine reserved for dress pants, instantly classing up any outfit (even the hiker-trash one you climbed out of the woods in).

Barbell-Apparel-Anything-Pant-sitting-3 travel pants

A bit of shine, a lot of stretch, and heaps of comfort make working from home uber professional.

That Tech Denim also has serious stretch. Squatting, climbing, and moving at high speeds in the Anything Pants or Shorts will not impede your range of motion in the slightest. Yet it also manages to look close-fitting and sculpted on the body, adding to the professionalism.


Move easily in the Tech Denim stretch of the Anything Pant and Short. Plus, the pant allows you to easily roll up the cuff (and it stays in place).

Finally, the Tech Denim, while somewhat heavy to touch, doesn’t actually weigh that much. We measured just under 14 ounces for the full pair of pants, making it on par with premium outdoor hiking pants’ weight. It comes out of the suitcase or backpack free of wrinkles, and fits quite a bit closer than those same hiking pants.

Pockets Galore

If there’s one key feature of the Anything Pant, beyond fabric, it’s the pockets. Barbell Apparel built the Anything Pant and Short to be equipped with enough pockets for, well, anything. Which means everything.


A double pocket up front means space for your phone and keys without getting your screen scratched.

Every pair has the typical four pockets: two in front, two in back. But the Anything Pant goes way further. One front pocket has a hidden media pocket, ideal for storing your smartphone, so it doesn’t clash with your keys. One back pocket has a hidden zippered compartment, ideal for a passport, credit cards, or anything flat that you want to keep well away from the world.


Stealth zippered back pocket for storing those special items.

Then there’s the small mesh pockets inside the main front pockets, which are built to hold chapstick, a single key, or other small items. Finally, the stealth zippered pockets for securing items.


Stealth zippered pockets and internal stash pockets allow you to store whatever you need.

What’s more impressive than the number of pockets, is that the Pants and Shorts still feel good when each of those pockets is in use. You can store a smartphone, keys, chapstick, passport, and wallet, all while feeling comfortable, natural, and downright mobile in the Anything Pant. You can put nothing in the pockets, too — and nothing looks amiss.

See the Barbell Apparel Anything Pant

Who is Barbell Apparel?

Barbell Apparel is an apparel brand that makes good-looking, workout-ready clothing. They continue to create highly funded Pants and Tops on Kickstarter, using a mix of unique fabrics, impeccable design, and thoughtful features. The Anything Pant moves the brand into the travel and outdoor world, while also working for the office.

Back the Anything Pant on Kickstarter, and learn more about Barbell Apparel.

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  1. Scotsays:

    Would those work well in the garden?

    1. Daniel Zweiersays:

      Thanks for reading Scot! The pants would work pretty well, but may be a little hot for a summer day. They also look fairly professional, so if you want to garden in good-looking pants then go for it 🙂

      The shorts would work very well.

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