Meet Beretta Field Pants and ECHO Jacket: Streamlined, Durable, Covert Wilderness Gear

Beretta is a leader in hunting gear, and the classic BDU Field Pants combine with the new ECHO Packable jacket to create an all-weather solution to rain and wind. The combination of pants and jacket do this with impressive tech that keeps comfort at the core, and will outfit you for a long hunt, a backpacking trip, or around camp.


The Beretta BDU Field Pants and ECHO Packable jacket.

The Beretta BDU Field Pants are similar to military-style pants and sport a number of pockets, a casual fit that aids mobility, and heavy-duty fabric made of nylon and cotton ripstop. The Beretta ECHO Packable jacket is fairly minimal and lightweight for Beretta, ideal for fast and light missions where stormy skies are in the forecast.

If you’re looking for a top and bottom layer to keep you well-protected, the BDU Field Pants and ECHO Packable Jacket are ideal.

See the Beretta BDU Field Pants

See the Beretta ECHO Packable Jacket

Unique Features of the Beretta BDU Field Pants

The BDU in BDU Field Pants stands for “Battle Dress Uniform,” which should give you a good sense of what these pants were modeled after. They are built for serious weather, terrain, and use. This is immediately present with the mix of nylon and cotton ripstop material, which is unlike much of the outdoor hiking pant material on the market.


The BDU Field Pants are a mix of nylon and cotton ripstop material that’s durable, breathable, and fends off the elements.

The BDU Field Pants are heavy when worn, and built fairly baggy. The build allows for maximum flexibility — like crouching for hours while waiting for big game to show up — and rough use. The pants even have kneepad pockets built in for extended crouches. Yet despite the weight the pants breathe well, and feel comfortable when worn, even casually.


The BDU Field Pants have eight pockets in total.

Aside from the fabric, the main features of the BDU Field Pants are the pockets. There are many pockets, all of which are decent-sized, allowing you to store knives, ammo, compasses, a small first aid kit, and more. Most of the pockets are closed with thick Velcro, ensuring safe and easy storage.


Drawstring closures at the hem of the BDU Field Pants keep sticks, dirt, and stones out.

The knees of the BDU Field Pants are articulated for movement and there are concise drawstring closures at each ankle for securing around boots or shoes.

See the Beretta BDU Field Pants

Unique Features of the Beretta ECHO Packable Jacket

While the BDU Field Pants were built to mirror army-style gear, the ECHO Packable Jacket was created to contend with lightweight, streamlined outdoor rain jackets. Of course it retains Beretta’s sturdy build and slightly baggy fit, but it’s a 2.5-layer waterproof breathable rain jacket through and through.


A comfortable fit with dropped rear hem for increased protection and a deep hood make for full coverage against rain.

Beretta used well-made water resistant YKK zippers on the ECHO, including the main zipper, two high external chest pockets (which are ideal when wearing a backpack), and an internal zippered chest pocket. These zippers will last for years and help keep water on the outside of your shell.


The ECHO Packable jacket has three well-made pockets with water-resistant zippers.

The ECHO has a large, deep hood and muted color profile to blend into a gray and stormy day. It uses Beretta Waterproof Breathable EVO (BWB EVO), an in-house membrane that is slick to the touch, not overly clammy (like a lot of 2.5-layer jackets), and breathes well. It also packs down quite small, fitting into its own hood or stuffed into a backpack’s external pocket.

If you’re looking for a streamlined rain jacket to round out your all-weather Beretta kit, the ECHO Packable Jacket is excellent.

See the Beretta ECHO Packable Jacket

Who is Beretta?

Beretta is the oldest active manufacturer of firearm components in the world, with a founding date of 1526 in Italy. The brand has a long history of making military-grade gear, and the outdoor gear, hunting, and tactical space are what its best known for in the United States.

See the Beretta BDU Field Pants, Beretta ECHO Packable Jacket, and learn more about Beretta.

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