Meet Beretta Tactical Messenger Bag: A Burly Overnight Bag for Any Adventure

Beretta is best known for their hunting gear, and the new Tactical Messenger Bag certainly works for a day on the range, but it does double (even triple) duty as an overnight catch-all bag. With a number of zippered compartments, ample room for clothing, and padded laptop sleeves it will serve you on day trips up the mountain, business trips (when flying is more in style), and road trips.


The Beretta Tactical Messenger Bag.

When held in-hand, the Tactical Messenger Bag has the hefty feel of something that will last for years, which makes sense given its lifetime warranty. The material is a thick, 600-Denier synthetic fiber that’s coated with DWR. The back padding of the Bag is made of dense foam that provides ample support when worn on the side or back. Rounding this out are two sizes of YKK zippers — smaller ones for the front pockets and small storage spaces, then large, heavily threaded zippers for the main compartment and laptop-specific pocket.


Serious YKK zippers, 600-Denier fabrics, ample pockets and a sturdy carry make up the Tactical Messenger Bag.

It’s a good-sized bag at 24 liters, and will fit a surprising amount of gear, all of which will have a place due to the many pockets and pouches. It comes in three colors, and is an ideal way to travel with a one-and-done bag.

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Unique Features of the Beretta Tactical Messenger Bag

The main unique callout of the Beretta Tactical Messenger bag is how versatile it is. It works as an overnight camping bag, a daily commuter bag, a carry-on laptop bag, a gun range bag, a hunting bag — in fact, it’s hard to think of an occasion this bag wouldn’t work for, outside of a wilderness backpacking trip.


The carry-on pass-through loop on the back of the Tactical Messenger Bag makes it perfect for travel. Plus, it’s heavily padded for support when slung over the shoulder.

Beretta did this on purpose, of course. Having a single bag that works across all these scenarios reduces the amount of money you have to spend on gear, and gives you a reliable, single pack to memorize and routinely use. Everyone wants their go-to pack — the Tactical Messenger Bag may be the one for you.

It achieves this versatility through two separate straps: one for the shoulder, one for the waist. You can carry it casually along the shoulder when jotting through the airport or walking to work, or you can clip on the hip belt strap for more support, like an all-day hunt or day hike.


A heavily padded shoulder strap will work for most scenarios, and the extra waist belt provides a bit more support for long hauls.

Pockets on Pockets

Beyond the design, strength, and carry of the Tactical Messenger Bag, Beretta made the bag versatile through a plethora of pockets.

There are three main zippered pouches. The first one holds small items, has a large mesh zippered compartment within for toiletries or extra ammo (take your pick), and there’s a MOLLE-style patch of fabric that allows you to affix anything with a hook and loop component.


There are three main zippered compartments in the Beretta Tactical Messenger bag. The one closest to the body is built for a laptop, the middle one is a catch all with the most room (and a laptop/tablet sleeve), and the front is for small, quick-access items.

The second pouch is your main stuff-all compartment. It features a padded tablet or laptop sleeve with a secure strap, many extra zippered compartments, and the bulk of the empty 24-liters in the bag.

The final pouch is a large zippered compartment that’s heavily padded, specifically built to slot your large laptop inside. Perfect for flights, where you need to take your laptop out while going through security.

There are two well-gussetted external vertical pockets that store anything from snacks to knives, and two small mesh water bottle pockets on either end of the bag.


Two mesh water bottle pockets and two small external vertical pockets allow quick access to anything you might need without digging into the main compartments of the Tactical Messenger Bag.

For the relatively small form factor the Beretta Tactical Messenger Bag has some serious pockets.

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Who is Beretta?

Beretta is the oldest active manufacturer of firearm components in the world, with a founding date of 1526 in Italy. The brand has a long history of making military-grade gear, and the outdoor gear, hunting, and tactical space are what its best known for in the United States.

See the Beretta Tactical Messenger Bag, and learn more about Beretta.

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