Bushka’s Kitchen: Delicious Small-Batch Freeze Dried Backpacking Food

Eating a warm meal in the backcountry is a particularly enlightening experience. It’s always said that food tastes better out there — and it’s true, but it helps when the food is tasty to begin with.

Bushka’s Kitchen is an outdoor food company that has taken on the technologically advanced, weight-reducing method of freeze drying and combined it with old-fashioned small batch cooking and locally sourced ingredients to make exceptional backpacking meals. It aims for gourmet food that’s affordable, a meal that’s filling yet won’t sit heavy in the gut, and will keep you fueled for the trail days ahead.

Bushka's Kitchen trans catalina trail

Bushka’s Kitchen trail meals work well for long thru-hikes, like the Trans Catalina Trail.

Bushka’s Kitchen makes meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, and is a serious step away from your classic meat and potatoes. The best-selling carnivore collection includes freeze dried backpacking meals with Venison, Bison, and Wild Boar — hearty, tasty and unique. And the chia morning bowls are akin to your light breakfast at home.

Bushka's Kitchen breakfast

A bowl of tasty.

If you want the weight reduction of freeze dried backpacking food with the taste of your kitchen, check our Bushka’s Kitchen.

See Bushka’s Kitchen Freeze Dried Backpacking Meals

Bushka’s Kitchen is all about the kitchen

When you’re huddled around a small fire at the end of a long day’s trek, hungry, tired, and probably a little cold, it’s easy to forget that the dinner you’re about to heat up was cooked somewhere. This is true for most backpackers, who forgo cooking their own dinners (lunch is often a piece of bread and something to dip), preferring to pack light, ready-made pouches stuffed with flavor and food for days of trail crushing.

It works, but it does disconnect us with the actual process of cooking, including savoring where our food came from, how it was cooked, and why it tastes the way it does.

Bushka's Kitchen backpacking

Bushka’s Kitchen for dinner.

Bushka’s Kitchen stands out among the myriad freeze dried food companies because it returns to that original place food is cooked: the kitchen.

They source whole grains, fresh produce, and game meat from family farms and ranchers. Sourcing is everything when it comes to good food, and it shows in the variety and flavor of Bushka’s meals. Then they cook the food in small batches, which allows them to focus on flavor and quality over sheer quantity.

Bushka's Kitchen 1 13

Simply boil water and pour.

Next, the space-age process of freeze drying. Bushka’s Kitchen owns its own freeze-dryers, which means the transition from cooking to preservation to packaging is immediate, helping to thoroughly lock in flavor while significantly reducing weight.

The meals typically weigh about 4 oz., and retain that home-cooked feel.

Carnivore Collection

Bushka’s Kitchen offers a range of meals, but what has hit the discerning backpacking market hard is the Carnivore collection. This includes Hunter’s Pie with Ground Venison, Unstuffed Pepper with Ground Bison, and the Hearty Harvest Bowl with Wild Boar.

Bushka's Kitchen 1

The delicious Carnivore Collection will surprise you.

If venison, bison, and boar are on your list of meat to try someday — let alone try in a conveniently packaged pouch — this is your ticket. They’re all flavorful, packed with protein, and will keep you and your group satisfied.

When you’re ready to eat, simply open the Bushka’s Kitchen package, pour boiling water right in, stir, and wait the recommended time. Stir occasionally if you like, but keep the heat in and let the food warm up. It’s already cooked, typically takes around three minutes to fully saturate, and can be eaten right out of the packet.

Simple, delicious.

Check out Bushka’s Kitchen if you want to spice up your freeze dried backpacking meals.

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