CamelBak Horizon: Insulated Mugs, Cups, and Tumblers for Any Beverage

CamelBak brought you hands-free hydration in the form of a bladder-based backpack, and now it’s bringing you elegant and durable stainless steel drinkware. The dot that connects the two, of course, is liquid. For many years CamelBak has been a pioneer in all things drinkable, and the new Horizon Collection takes that expertise and applies it to the home.

CamelBak Horizon collection tumblers and mugs

The Horizon Collection consists of stainless steel insulated mugs, cups, and tumblers, all of which have powder-coated exteriors, tri-flow lids, ergonomic designs, and excellent hot and cold properties. Aesthetically, the Horizon drinkware will fit into a fancy brunch. Structurally, you can take them to your next basecamp for summit ascents.

CamelBak is discounting the Horizon Collection (and its unique MultiBev thermos) from October 12th through October 17th. Get 25% off with the coupon code HORIZON, and read more about the Horizon Collection below.

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The CamelBak Horizon Collection

The Horizon Collection consists of three key containers in a variety of sizes, all unified with the same powder coat finish, same non-slip silicon pad on the bottom, and same double wall vacuum sealed insulation.

CamelBak Horizon collection group shot 1

The CamelBak Tumblers range from 10 oz to 30 oz, with the 10 oz Rocks ideal for custom cocktails (that refuse to sweat), and the 30 oz Tumbler built to transport massive amounts of steaming hot (or cold) coffee from your house to your car to your campsite. The Tumblers have a tapered design which narrows at the bottom to help them fit in car and chair cup holders.

The full range of CamelBak Tumblers includes the 10 oz Rocks Tumbler, 12 oz regular Tumbler, 12 oz Wine Tumbler, 16 oz and 20 oz coffee Tumblers, and the 30 oz beast. The larger the Tumbler the longer the insulation, ranging from six hours cold and four hours hot to 14 hours cold and seven hours hot.

CamelBak Horizon collection mug cocktails

Then there’s the CamelBak Horizon Camp Mug, a 12 oz insulated mug with a handle. This mug will create envy in anyone drinking a cup of steaming liquid from a different container. The mug is also slightly tapered at the bottom for a stylish look that works equally well for wooden camp tables and fancy brunch. The mug keeps your coffee hot for four hours or cold for six.

CamelBak Horizon collection mugs outdoors

Finally, there’s the Camelbak Horizon Wine Bottle, which holds 25 oz of liquid — better known as a full bottle of wine. The Wine Bottle has its own unique lid that screws in, creating a true vacuum seal that will keep your wine chilled for 35 hours. You can, of course, throw a hot beverage in this bottle, and it will stay hot for 25 hours.

CamelBak Horizon collection wine

Whatever drink situation you find yourself in, the CamelBak Horizon Collection has the container you need.

See the CamelBak Horizon Collection

Standout Features of the Horizon Collection

Beyond the elegant design, there are three feature-based callouts to the new CamelBak line of drinkware.

First is the lids: the entire collection (minus the Wine Bottle) features the Tumbler lid. It’s a BPA-, BPS, and BPF-free plastic lid that uses a three stage flow regulator for drinking, allowing you to sip or gulp your drink. Close it all the way and it’s spill-resistant.

Keep in mind this lid doesn’t screw in, but rather presses in, making the tumblers a more casual, easy-to-use drinking vessel.

CamelBak Horizon collection mugs by fire

All the Tumblers and Mugs use the same size lid, except for the 12 oz Wine Tumbler and 30 oz Tumbler. This allows you to swap as needed if you have more than one.

The second callout is the non-slip pads on the bottom of every container. They are simple and keep your mug from slipping, sliding, and falling.

Third, you can put them in the dishwasher. Most powder coated stainless steel drinkware can’t handle the heat of a dishwasher, but the Horizon Collection works just fine in the top rack. This makes them integrate well into your daily life, which is the whole point.

Enjoy the CamelBak Horizon Collection insulated drinkware, and be sure to use the 25% off discount code if you decide to purchase one. Just use the coupon code HORIZON until October 17th.

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