Meet Jiminy’s: The Cricket-Based Sustainable Dog Treats

Jiminy’s is a dog food and treat company built to make the often-controversial pet food industry sustainable. Yes, the truly sustainable dog treat is here. Good news: dogs love it, it’s affordable, it’s made with crickets (!), and you can feel seriously good about purchasing it.


A patient pup waiting for Jiminy’s sustainable dog treats.

There are two truths: the outdoors offers humans peace, and outdoor enthusiasts love dogs. Even if you don’t have a dog — any hike with a dog is better than one without. Perhaps they are the reminder that we need to keep getting outside, perhaps their enthusiasm at every single smell makes the outdoors that much more enjoyable.

Jiminy’s offers four different types of sustainable dog treat — two chewy training treats and two cookie treats — all of which are made with crickets, all of which are delicious (at least our in-office pup thinks so), and all of which are good for the environment.


Jiminy’s makes four key treats. Two soft chewy treats, and two biscuit-style cookies.

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Unique Features of Jiminy’s Dog Treats

In case you missed it, there’s one key feature about Jiminy’s Dog Treats that puts it ahead of the pack: sustainability.

Most consumable dog products (food and treats) are made with beef or chicken. If you follow the science around one of the most impactful things a single person can do to lead a more sustainable life, it’s eat less meat, specifically beef, pork, and poultry. Dog’s don’t have a choice of what food they eat (the toilet roll doesn’t count) — you choose for them, just like with your own diet.


The resident Sheltie excited for a cricket-based treat! Pictured here is one Jiminy’s Pumpkin & Carrot soft and chewy treat.

Jiminy’s swaps out the heavy methane-producing protein sources of beef and chicken and replaces them with crickets. Crickets?! Yep, crickets.

Jiminy’s is leading the sustainable dog treat push through studies done with the University of Iowa, and found that the nutrient profile of crickets is actually much healthier and more robust than either beef or chicken, and that it requires astronomically less resources to produce.


Jiminy’s treats contain a fuller nutrient profile for dogs, all because of the crickets.

In terms of nutrients, crickets contain protein, amino acids, omega essential fatty acids, vitamins B2 and B12, minerals like calcium magnesium and potassium, and prebiotic dietary fiber. If that sounds like an abnormally long list for a cricket — you’re right, it is.

Treat Your Dog, Save the Planet

Every purchase of a Jiminy’s bag of treats saves 220 gallons of water if you instead purchased treats made from chicken or beef. Crickets also require 93 percent land mass to raise than beef cattle, and 67 percent less than chickens.

While this won’t create a sustainable culture by itself (nothing singular will), it’s a very solid step forward. What we feed our dogs is almost done on rote — buy, feed, play. On repeat. If we change what we buy, and make it more sustainable (not to mention healthier), true offsets are possible.


Is sustainability and this level of joy possible in a single product? We think so!

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Who is Jiminy’s?

Jiminy’s — the same as the cricket in the belly of the whale — was founded specifically to change the way we see dog treats and food, and make both more sustainable. The cricket treats are the first product the company has released, and it’s making waves.


Sniffing out the cricket.

If you have an outdoor pup and occasionally feed him treats — consider buying a bag. They’ll certainly love it, and you will have saved 220 gallons of water with a single purchase.

See the range of Cricket Dog Treats, and learn more about Jiminy’s. Jiminy’s has given our readers 15% off any purchase for December — make sure to use the code TREATS15 at checkout.

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