Kickstart LIVSN EcoTrek Trail Pants: All-Purpose Sustainable Hiking Pants

The all-purpose hiking pant has been years in the making. The reality is that outdoor enthusiasts want a dedicated pair of pants for the trail, bike, and climb, but they’d actually prefer to wear those pants to the office, the bar, and around the house, too. It’s a Catch-22 — we want adventure-ready clothing that also works for daily life — because why have two pairs of anything when one will do?

LIVSN knows all about this dilemma and has released a new pair of pants that aims to solve it. The LIVSN EcoTrek Trail Pants are a pair of fitted adventure pants that come with all the bells and whistles of a premium hiker while maintaining a comfortable, business-casual fit and style. Plus, the EcoTrek Trail Pants use a custom sustainable fabric made from recycled ocean plastic, have a lifetime warranty, and simply look good.

LIVSN EcoTrek Trail pants hiking pants

The LIVSN EcoTrek Trail Pants.

The LIVSN EcoTrek Trail Pants are live on Kickstarter. For men want the newest creation in the hiking pants market (and a serious discount) grab a pair before the campaign is over. They come in Olive, Charcoal, and Caramel, and range from 29-40-inch waist sizes with three inseam lengths, and are built specifically for men.

Kickstart the LIVSN EcoTrek Trail Pants

Unique Features of the LIVSN EcoTrek Trail Pants

The versatility of the EcoTrek Trail Pants are what makes them shine, and LIVSN has achieved this through a few very specific features.

The fabric is the main one. LIVSN took two design approaches to the fabric, which account for the durability, stretch, quick-dry capability, and breathability of the EcoTrek (most of the important considerations when buying).

LIVSN EcoTrek Trail pants hiking pants sitting

A fit that works for the trail or the office.

First, they made it incredibly stretchy and 100% synthetic. The combination of 70% recycled nylon, 25% nylon and 5% spandex make for an active pant that moves when you do, yet one that holds its stylish cut. The fabric composition makes it warm to wear in icy environments yet breathable when moving fast, two opposing features that are only achievable with a fully synthetic pant.

The EcoTrek Trail Pants are coated with C6 DWR, a more environmentally friendly water coating than your typical DWR, and it’s highly effective at repelling water.

LIVSN EcoTrek Trail pants water resistance square

The LIVSN EcoTrek Trail Pants repelling water while sitting in a creek.

Second, LIVSN uses a proprietary fabric for the EcoTrek Trail Pants, which includes Blue Ocean Nylon, a synthetic nylon thread that’s made from 70% ocean waste — specifically from ocean buoys, which are recovered from the same area where the fabric is manufactured in Taiwan. This reduces the amount of plastic in the ocean and reduces the carbon footprint of moving the plastic.

If sustainable materials are on your “essential” list for new gear purchases, the EcoTrek Trail Pants achieve high marks.

High-End Features and Lifetime Guarantee by LIVSN

While the fabric is essential to any pants’ success (if it doesn’t breathe while you are backpacking, what’s the point?), the EcoTrek Trail Pants also employs the tinkerer’s approach to features.

This results in a pair of pants with well-placed pockets that are sized to store your practical devices (oversized smartphones and EDC knives), keep them safe with secure YKK Vislon zippers, and make sure they last with reinforced bartacks (extra stitches) on high-wear areas. The two deep front pockets are made with mesh for breathability and the carry of each area is unimpeded as you sit, stand, bike, or climb.

LIVSN EcoTrek Trail pants stash pocket

Well-placed, well-made pockets throughout.

The EcoTrek Trail Pant legs have discreet roll-up cuffs that lock into place for all your biking and climbing adventures, but when not in use you wouldn’t have any idea they’re there. That’s also true of the internal waist-band, which allows you to wear the pants without a belt, ideal for backpacking and climbing.

LIVSN EcoTrek Trail pants roll up cuffs

Roll-up cuffs are ideal for active-wear, and make you look pretty cool, too.

And, perhaps the coup de grâce, is a truly gusseted crotch. Freedom of movement in a pair of close-fitting pants is critical, and the EcoTrek Trail Pants have room to move.

LIVSN EcoTrek Trail pants climbing

A pant you climb in.

All of this design prowess is backed by the company’s lifetime warranty, which ensures you’ll get a repair or replacement if something, like a zipper, breaks. And if you rip these hiking pants yourself (that’s not covered in a lifetime warranty), LIVSN offers at-cost repair, assuring your pants won’t go in a landfill.

Kickstart the LIVSN EcoTrek Trail Pants

Who is LIVSN?

LIVSN is an outdoor clothing company that focuses on combining technical features, durable construction, and versatile functionality for long-lasting, multi-use gear. The name comes from the Swedish Livsnjutare, which means “one who loves life deeply; an enjoyer of life.”

The brand has launched all of its products with Kickstarter, and has made waves with their unique fabrics and impeccable outdoor-to-office style.

The LIVSN EcoTrek Trail Pants are already fully backed on Kickstarter, so we recommend snagging a pair (or two) while the discounts are still good.

See more about the EcoTrek Trail Pants, and more about LIVSN.

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