Meet Merrell Moab Flight: Lightweight Trail Runners With Hiking DNA

Merrell is synonymous with hiking footwear, and the brand’s Moab hiking boot has established a strong foothold for itself in its respective category. The Moab Flight builds upon that legacy by taking inspiration from the brand’s signature boot and transforming those trail-ready qualities into a speedy and efficient trail runner.

Merrell Moab Flight In Use

Merrell Moab Flight on the trail.

Prepare to go further and faster when you lace up a pair of these slick shoes. The Moab Flight trail runners are lightweight, well-cushioned, and provide a solid amount of underfoot protection, traction, and stability. You’re sure to hit the ground running, but these trail runners also have the rugged durability needed for serious hiking. Rocks and ruts won’t be an issue.

Merrell Moab Flight Running

Run me like a river.

All that said—these Moab Flight trail runners are a highly versatile shoe, and they’re quite affordable compared to much of the competition. They’re a well-rounded footwear option for those who want to move fast and light on their adventures.

See the men's Merrell Moab Flight

See the women's Merrell Moab Flight

Unique Features of the Merrell Moab Flight

In short, the Merrell Moab Flight was designed to make trail running easier. The footwear experts at Merrell achieved this by focusing their efforts on the Flight’s overall weight, stability, and shock-absorption.

Merrell Moab Flight

The whole shoe and nothing but the shoe.

To keep the shoe light, Merrell decided to ditch any semblance of an interior rock plate. This, among other factors, puts the Moab Flight at about 8 to 10 ounces per shoe, depending on the size, which feels feather-light on your foot.

Merrell Moab Flight Run Forward and Back

Pro tip: add on extra miles by running back and forth in front of a camera.

During my trial of the Merrel Moab Flights, I was in the middle of a marathon training program and was hitting 30-plus-mile weeks. On trail, the shoes performed exceptionally well with unquestionable comfort and traction, and they felt as light on my feet as a pair of minimalist road runners.

Merrell Moab Flight Running River

It’s marathon training season.

In lieu of a protective rock plate, Merrell has fitted the Moab Flight trail runners with a rugged Vibram EcoStep outsole. This grippy and firm sole keeps you stable even when conditions become all loose-goosey.

Merrell Moab Flight Vibram

Serious grip and support.

Additionally, these shoes have ample cushioning in the form of Merrell’s medium-density FloatPro Foam midsoles. This lightweight suspension system softens the impact of each step you take. Your joints will thank you for this thick layer of cushion, and your feet will hardly be able to tell whether your hiking over soft sand or jagged volcanic rock.

Supremely cushioned midsoles.

At 29mm in the heel and 19mm at the toe, the midsole puts the cushion where you need it most. The 10mm drop is hardly noticeable but present enough to guide your foot through each step for increased stability.

Merrell Moab Flight Jump

Flying high!

Made from Recycled Materials

Another benefit of the Merrell Moab Flight trail runners is that they’re made in large part of post-consumer recycled materials. The laces are fully recycled, while significant portions of the mesh uppers, foam insoles, and Vibram outsoles are recycled as well. In fact, these shoes are also vegan-friendly.

Merrell Moab Flight Pair

A pair of Merrell Moab Flights spotted grazing in their natural habitat.

Merrell strives to be a dedicated steward of the environment, and it shows in the company’s efforts to produce sustainable footwear products.

See the men's Merrell Moab Flight

See the women's Merrell Moab Flight

Who is Merrell?

Merrell is an outdoor footwear brand through and through. They’ve been at this for decades and have been improving upon their excellent products since day one. The Merrell Moab Flight is an evolution of the Moab line, and it’s a true step forward for the brand.

Merrell Moab Flight Pair Front

Your pair of Merrell Moab Flight trail runners are ready and waiting for you.

See the men’s Merrell Moab Flight and women’s Merrel Moab Flight, and learn more about Merrell.

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