Meet Muscle MX CBD Balm: All Natural, Extra Strength CBD for Outdoor Life

Given its easy application and quick physical relief*, CBD is the hot product of the outdoor world, accompanying high-end athletes and regular hikers on adventures big and small. Muscle MX is a CBD company best known for its extra strength balm, which comes in an easy roll-on form factor and is tailored to intense activity and post-workout relief.

The CBD Heating and Cooling Balm Bundle comes with two all natural CBD products, Activate and Recovery, which do exactly what they sound like: aid you in your activities, then help your body recover. The Muscle MX balms are made with Broad Spectrum CBD, which contains all the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes of the plant, but has no THC, and therefore no psychoactive effects.

Muscle-MX-CBD-Balm-Bundle 1

The Muscle MX CBD Balm Bundle.

Muscle MX puts an impressive 350 milligrams of CBD in each stick, which gives it the extra strength moniker. This amount — 140 milligrams per ounce of balm — is significantly more than you’ll find in most topical CBDs at your local grocery store or retailer.

If you want a CBD roll-on balm that you can really feel, check out the Muscle MX CBD Balm Bundle. You can buy each one separate, and get a smaller size, but we prefer both the Activate and Recovery products for full relief.

See the Muscle MX CBD Heating and Cooling Balm

Unique Features of the Muscle MX CBD Balm Bundle

The first and major feature of Muscle MX’s CBD Balms is the packaging. Both the Activate and Recovery products come in a deodorant-style container, which allows you to rub on the balm easily, and push it up as you use it.

1-1-Muscle-MX-CBD-Balm-Bundle-twist 1

Deodorant-style packaging allows for easy storage and application.

This allows easy storage and transportation of the CBD product, a common issue when traveling with it in the backcountry (liquid drops tend to come in glass vials, and gummies can melt). This form factor also allows simple application on most parts of the body, as you can rub the amount of CBD balm you want right onto your skin from the stick, or scoop it up with your fingers.

Muscle MX CBD Balm Bundle in backpack

Slip the Muscle MX CBD Balm into a backpack, no problem.

CBD balm that encourages activation and recovery

Muscle MX’s CBD Balm uses a lot of CBD, but it also has a number of other ingredients that help to activate your muscles before a workout, then cool them once you’r done.

Muscle-MX-CBD-Balm-Bundle-leg-application 1

Easy application of the CBD allows for on-the-go activation or relief.

Muscle MX’s Activate includes 350 mg of CBD in the 2.5-ounce stick — but it also has menthol, camphor, arnica, peppermint, beeswax, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, eucalyptus oil, Vitamin E, caffeine oil, and a proprietary scent.

This combination of ingredients gives it an immediately warming sensation for your muscles.

The Recovery CBD stick has similar ingredients in slightly different amounts, includes Tea Tree Oil, and does not contain the camphor or caffeine. The feeling is definitively “cool”, as if you stuck your muscle in ice-water.

When using both of these for an intense activity — like a miles-long backcountry hike, or summiting a peak — your muscles will feel the relief.

See the Muscle MX CBD Heating and Cooling Balm

Who is Muscle MX?

Muscle MX is a leading CBD brand that makes active and recovery products to help your body perform its best. It uses non-psychoactive Broad Spectrum CBD in its products and includes batch testing reports for all its products for those who want to see exactly what’s in the Balms.

See the Muscle MX CBD Heating and Cooling Balm, and learn more about Muscle MX.

This article is sponsored by Muscle MX.

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