Rawlogy: Cork Massage Balls that Provide Ultralight Backcountry Self-Care

There are many reasons people seek the outdoors: a love of nature, solitude, exertion, adrenaline. Whatever your draw to stunning vistas, some part of the reason you’re out there is because it’s good for you. Good for your body, good for your mind.

Rawlogy, a Certified LGBT-Owned Business Enterprise based in Los Angeles, knows just how good the outdoors is for you, and created a product that provides the same level of self-care as a walk in the woods. Rawlogy’s unique (and ingenious) product is a simple, effective cork massage ball. Just like those lacrosse balls physical therapists tell you to rub into a tight muscle, but made of cork, which is sustainably harvested, ultralight, and impressively durable.

Rawlogy cork massage ball foot hiking

The Rawlogy cork massage ball re-invents self-care on the trail.

Founder Marek Bowers discovered the roll-out ball method of self-care after excruciating pain while training for marathons. The daily practice of muscle release was a breakthrough for his happiness, his ability to run, and the idea that took hold.

Rawlogy now offers cork balls in three sizes: Mini, Classic, and Big, which are .7 oz, 1.4 oz, and 6 oz respectively; and a travel-sized cork massage roller. What started as a grassroots movement to improve self-care on the trail has blown up, with Bowers lugging his bag of balls to the John Muir Trail, to outdoor conventions, to trail days, and beyond.

Rawlogy (Brand Film) from Outdoor Evolution on Vimeo.

If you’ve always wanted a simple, effective self-care product on the trail (or in the house), the Rawlogy Cork Massage Ball is it.

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Rawlogy Laser Balls

The beauty of Rawlogy’s main product is that it’s effective, and that it lends itself to lots of funny sentences. With the three sizes, you can use the balls to roll out your feet (how it all started), your calves, your shoulders, your hips — pretty much anywhere. You can even have a friend press a ball in your back for some extra torque — ideal for long thru-hikes with lots of companions.

Rawlogy cork massage ball friends

Self-care can feel better when someone else is caring for you.

Humor is a big part of Rawlogy’s identity. This is mostly Bowers as a person, but it’s a marketing tactic, too, and a successful one. One of the callout features is the laser etching process Rawlogy uses on its cork balls.

The logo, as you can see in pictures, is engraved via laser right into the cork. It’s eco-friendly compared to ink, doesn’t smear, doesn’t rub off into the environment, and looks sweet.

rawlogy cork massage ball Poopemoji-background


But it turns out that with the right attitude and design files you can laser etch anything into cork. Rawlogy has a stock set of custom balls, like “Bicycle,” “Mustache,” “Poop,” and a roaring favorite, “Bernie at the Inauguration.”

rawlogy cork massage ball bernie ball

These are limited edition, and they will sell out.

For businesses, this means you can get custom balls for your employees or events, and for individuals it’s a fantastic way to compare, swap, and talk about your balls while engaging in self-care on the trail.

Check out custom Rawlogy Designs

Self-Care and the Environment

If there are two things that define Rawlogy, it’s self-care and preserving the environment.

Self-care means inclusivity, playfulness, and joy. As Bowers says, “I’ve found that it’s more cathartic to laugh about pain, then to cry about it. Rawlogy is a self-care company that helps you take care of yourself with products to help you stay on a trail, accomplish a goal, live a dream. The possibility I’ve created for Rawlogy is to help people—regardless of their shape or activity level—to feel better in their bodies.”

Rawlogycork massage ball marek bowers founder

Founder, Marek Bowers, with the OG Rawlogy massage ball.

Bowers has steered the Rawlogy ship to amplify body positivity, self-love (a form of self-care), and diversity. As a transgender man, self-care was essential to Bowers’ journey and has become the thru-line of Rawlogy’s. Everyone, on the trail or at home, needs ways to take care of themselves, and while the cork ball is a practical product that works, it also stands for a larger movement.

And then there’s the environment. Rawlogy is a Green America Certified Business, in the Green Business Network, and is a proud partner of the #GiveaShit Pledge, donating 5% of its yearly profits to the National Forest Foundation, which helps preserve the United State’s public lands.

Get your cork massage ball today at Rawlogy — and yes, the Bernie version is available.

This article is sponsored by Rawlogy.

Photos courtesy Rawlogy, all rights reserved.

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  1. Rawlogy is one of the most exciting inventions. It can help me to reduce pain which is caused by the injury and actions. I often use it when I feel exhausted.

  2. But with the correct mentality and design files, you can laser engrave anything into cork.

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