Meet Revelry Supply Drifter: The Rugged Odor Proof Bag and Backpack

In the world of multi-functional day packs, it takes a lot to stand out. You need quality design, unique materials, excellent carry and comfort, and a healthy amount of style. Revelry Supply has made just such a pack in The Drifter.


The Revelry Supply Drifter is an odor-proof, ready-for-anything day pack with enough room to travel far.

The Drifter is a 23-liter day pack that strikes a balance between everyday carry and adventure travel. The pack features an extra-long open interior that’s coupled with a rolltop, zippered closure, making the storage of your stuff easy and secure. The interior has a zippered pocket up top to access a wallet, chapstick, keys, or other small essentials, and there are two large elastic pockets sewn into the bottom of the pack for extra organization, including one that can hold a tablet or small laptop.


The deep chute of the Drifter has a surprising amount of room and will keep your gear safe. Load it up and get moving.

Then there are two simple exterior pockets that are built to fit thin water bottles or other tall items, and a zippered stuff pocket for quick and easy access.

The Drifter is deceiving in its size — 23 liters is the amount of space inside the pack when the roll top is fully down. But you can fit a lot more than you’d think, and if you’re on a longer trip, you can pack it completely full and just use the zipper closure, like a stylish duffel bag.


The Drifter has a waterproof zipper plus a roll-top closure to ensure your gear is safe and your pack compact.

The materials are impressive, and The Drifter looks good from any angle.

See the Revelry Supply Drifter

Unique Features of the Revelry Supply Drifter

If you appreciate the finer things in life — like leather accents, impeccable earthy colors, and a rugged, refined sense of style — the materials of the Revelry Drifter will impress you. The backpack is made with a rugged, heavy-duty cotton exterior fabric that will hold up under endless abuse, and it feels good in hand.


Leather accents, durable hardware, and heaps of style make up the Drifter.

This is complemented by metal hardware, like the two bronzed hooks that secure the roll top and the sternum strap clasp. These touches look classy, of course, but they’re durable as heck.

Plus, the two zippers of the Drifter are waterproof, keeping all your gear free from any sudden downpours.

The Ultimate in Odor Proof Bags

Revelry Supply was founded on the idea that luggage should be truly odor proof, allowing you to travel with dirty clothes and other gear for weeks on end. This technology Revelry Supply uses —  a 5-layer system of compiled fabric to block odor and increase water resistance — can be seen across all their products, and especially in The Drifter backpack.


The exterior cotton canvas is surprisingly rugged, the kind that softens up with use.

The Drifter’s first layer is the cotton canvas exterior and it has a rubber backing to ward off smell and water. Underneath that is a carbon filter system with three separate layers, two of which are synthetic, one of which is activated charcoal. This adds heft to the bag, and kills all musty, unwanted smells.

Finally, the lining — which looks like topographic maps — is durable enough to protect the multiple layers of filter for years (maybe decades) of use and abuse.


The interior lining looks good, but it’s built to protect the three specialized odor proof layers that are used to construct the Drifter.

The Drifter will last you a lifetime, and is one of those bags that gets softer over time, doesn’t need to be cleaned, and will work for just about any adventure.

See the Revelry Supply Drifter

Who is Revelry Supply?

Revelry Supply is a luggage company headquartered in Santa Cruz, California. The brand makes rugged, over-built luggage and bags, which focus on odor dispelling materials and a simple, aesthetically pleasing style.

See The Drifter, and learn more about Revelry Supply.

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