Meet Rheos Coopers: Polarized, Floating Sunglasses Built for Water

Sunglasses are one of those products outdoor people need. You wear them in daily life, you wear them on the trail, and you probably wear them until they are beat to a plasticky pulp. Rheos Gear has taken the classic sunglass design and created the Coopers: a pair of polarized, floating sunglasses that weigh almost nothing and will work in any environment — specifically one with water — that you adventure through.


The Rheos Coopers out on the pond.

The Coopers have a classic square shape that fits most faces and are a little wider than average to provide more sun protection than your typical pair. They are saltwater safe — in fact, Rheos built them to be taken to sea with a handful of water resistant technologies. Plus, the Coopers float easily in the ocean or fresh water, and assure you’ll never lose a pair to a rogue cannonball or clumsy reel.


The Coopers have a classic square shape with a bit more width that provides great sun protection.

The frames have a lifetime warranty, and the lenses have a 1-year warranty, and they are quite durable. The Coopers cost just $55 and come in a range of colors to suit your style — Gunmetal – Emerald pictured here.

See the Rheos Coopers

Unique Features of the Rheos Coopers

The main feature of note about the Coopers — and all of Rheos’ sunglasses – are the nylon lenses, called Nylon Optics. Instead of using glass for the lenses, Rheos uses nylon. The lenses themselves are clearer than glass, much lighter, have a better impact resistance, are anti-scratch, and anti-fog.


The Rheos Coopers use Nylon Optics, which are glass-free lenses that perform exceptionally well.

That’s a lot of features built into some super light lenses, and they all work. Fogging up sunglasses while wearing a mask, for instance, is a non-starter with the Rheos Coopers. You can see the fog dissipate in under a second.

They also refuse to fog when in the water, a feature that allows impressive visibility on the ocean, lake, or pond. This is due to the hydrophobic coating on the lenses, which helps water to bead off the glasses, much like hydrophobic coated down in puffy jackets.


Did we mention they float? And shed water droplets like nobody’s business.

Under an Ounce

Weight is the name of the game for a lot of backpackers, and the Rheos Coopers come in at .9 ounces — yes, you read that right. You’ll feel that weight on your face — the Rheos Coopers are so light you forget you’re wearing them.


Take the Rheos Coopers into the water with you.

This weight allows them to float in water, which makes beach days, lake dives, and general river merriment a lot less precarious.

See the Rheos Coopers

Who is Rheos Gear?

Rheos Gear is a nautical eyewear brand that makes affordable polarized sunglasses. They are a member of 1% for the Planet, they participate in a number of water-based cleanups around Charleston, and they focus entirely on eyewear.


The Rheos Gear Coopers.

Rheos sells a number of attractive designs; the Coopers are the most classic, and will fit most people.

See the Coopers, and learn more about Rheos.

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