Stanley Classic Legendary Bottle: Vacuum Insulated Thermos of the Century

Few products in the outdoor world have lasted over 100 years. The Stanley Classic Legendary Bottle — often referred to as a Stanley thermos — is one of those products. Invented by William Stanley Jr. in 1913, the Stanley thermos has seen many iterations, but it has remained true to its core.


The Stanley Classic Legendary Bottle pouring hot tea or coffee, any time of day.

The latest edition — the Stanley Classic Legendary Bottle — is proud of its ubiquitous use in campsites across the U.S. (classic!), and its status as a military product, ranching product, sea exploration product, and base camp product (legendary!).

The 2-quart size of the bottle now comes in a Nightfall (deep shiny blue), Matte Black, or the iconic Hammertone Green. It’s still made with 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, is BPA-free, can be thrown in the dishwasher, comes with an included lid and vacuum sealer, and simply cannot be broken.


The Stanley Classic Legendary bottle, broken down. Two quarts, large handle, stopper, and threaded drinking cup/lid.

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Unique Features of the Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle

This is a rather simple thermos, so the features that make it stand out are few but mighty.

First, there’s the included cup that doubles as a lid. This is perhaps the most ingenious thing since sliced bread. It allows you to keep a huge supply of hot coffee, tea, or soup on hand, and doesn’t require you to drink straight from the mouth of a scalding hot bottle.


The lid/cup threads on top for easy storage, and can be shared around camp.

In the age of endless insulated bottles, the Stanley Classic model, which has always included a detachable, storable cup for drinking, is still one step ahead.

Second, the updated handle on the Classic Legendary Bottle is impressive. It folds flat in either direction for easy storage, is made of easy-to-grip plastic, and makes the pour incredibly simple.


A simple, oversized, foldable handle allows for an easy pour and exceptional storage for such a large bottle.

Finally, the size. We love the two quart version of the Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle, which is two full liters (two regular sized Nalgenes)! That’s a full pot of coffee or tea, kept scalding hot for 45 hours. If you like to drink stuff — or eat a lot of soup while traveling — there is no better companion.

In terms of cold temperatures, Stanley’s Classic Vacuum Bottle is rated to keep liquid cold for two full days, and iced for eight days. This far exceeds similar bottles. Part of this impressive insulation is the design, but it’s also the included stopper, which encourages people to keep a lid on their hot or cold liquids at all times.


Keeping drinks cold or hot for days.

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Who is Stanley?

Stanley’s brand was forever emblazoned on the outdoor world when original models of these bottles were used by pilots in World War II. As so many outdoor innovations go, military use turns to consumer use, leaving us with sturdier and more advanced products to enjoy nature.


A redesigned logo and color for the Stanley Classic Vacuum Insulated Bottle, with unchanged quality.

The Classic Legendary Bottle is perhaps the most well-known Stanley product, but the brand takes the same design approach to coolers, food storage jars, mugs, and camp cookware.

If you need something that won’t break, Stanley is where to look.

See the Stanley Classic Legendary Bottle.

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