Superfeet: Supportive Insoles for Active Women

Everyone who walks, runs, hikes, or otherwise uses their feet for getting around knows all too well the pain that comes with poor and worn-out footwear. No matter where you roam, or how far, the padding under your feet matters. It’s your connection to, and protection from, the ground on which you trek.

Superfeet insoles have been sculpted to maximize comfort and pain relief. With decades of podiatric science behind their footwear products, the company has continued to push the envelope, adopting cutting-edge technologies and using the latest research to improve their insoles with each new iteration.

Superfeet Active Women

When adventure calls, Superfeet insoles are ready.

It’s this constant drive to improve that sets Superfeet apart. While all Superfeet insoles have been designed to increase the wearer’s comfort, support their stride, and disperse the impact of their steps, Superfeet has taken the extra step to create insoles to accommodate specific outdoor activities.

Not only that, but Superfeet has also gone the extra mile to create purpose-built insoles for active women.

See the Superfeet Active Insoles for Women

Superfeet Insoles for Active Women

Formed to support the natural proportions and contours of women’s feet, Superfeet has created an array of sporty insoles to enhance every active woman’s comfort and stability while they’re out crushing miles, shredding slopes, and conquering their fitness goals. Here are a few of Superfeet’s best active insoles for women.

Best Insole for Hiking – TRAILBLAZER

Hiking is hard on your feet, especially when the trails get rocky. These TRAILBLAZER hiking boot insoles provide reliable stability and impact protection using Aerospring dual comfort foam, Evolyte carbon stabilizers caps, and Heel Impact Technology pods.

This high-tech combination reduces foot shifting, keeping your tootsies in the best position to prevent blisters and hot spots. Likewise, fatigue becomes less of a factor due to the increased support provided by the insole— meaning your feet will feel fresher for longer.

TRAILBLAZER Comfort Womens v02 Insole

TRAILBLAZER insoles put the ‘happy’ in happy trails.

Best Insole for Running – RUN Comfort

Featuring heel-to-toe cushioning with Aerospring Rebound dual comfort foam, the RUN Comfort insoles have been designed to eliminate a runner’s worst enemy— fatigue. The RUN Comfort insole spreads out the impact of your steps and rebounds that energy back at you as you lift your foot, making each step more efficient and comfortable.

It’s also as durable as your favorite pair of trail runners, perhaps moreso. The RUN Comfort insoles will serve a runner well for up to 12 months of hard running, or 500 miles. That’s longevity that’ll cover an entire marathon training course and then some.

RUN Comfort Womens v02 Insole

Put a spring in your step with a pair of RUN Comfort insoles.

Best Insole for All Day Comfort – BERRY

From the workplace to your workout, the Superfeet BERRY insoles can do it all. The high-impact foam forefoot acts as a shock absorber that’ll work just as well on tile as it does a treadmill.

Similarly, the reinforced stabilizer cap gives structure to the foam layer to increase overall stability. An odor-control coating has been applied to the insole, too, so that no one will know that you went beast mode in the gym before arriving at the office.

BERRY Insole Image

Unfailing support and comfort that lasts a BERRY long time.

Best Insole for the Slopes – HOT Pink

Superfeet’s HOT Pink insoles can provide the same all-day comfort of the BERRY insoles, but they’ve been customized for those who like to play in the snow. Featuring an open cell thermal layer, an insulating foil forefoot, and a treatment of Outlast Adaptive Comfort, these insoles are sure to keep your feet warm and toasty.

Not to mention that the HOT Pink insoles are about to get even hotter when they go on sale starting March 15th when you will be able to get them at 40% off. Now that’s a hot deal.

hot PINK Insole

If you commonly suffer from cold feet, try these HOT Pink insoles on for size.

100% Employee Owned

Behind Superfeet’s superb insoles is a community of passionate and driven individuals who strive to make a difference in the lives of others. Superfeet is 100% employee-owned. As a result, each person is driven to improve the company, the products, and themselves.

Beyond improving the lives of their customers by providing foot-saving insoles, Superfeet also donates 1% of all sales to help build solid foundations throughout the communities they serve.

Superfeet Insoles for Active Women

100% employee-owned and proud of it.

Through financial giving and volunteering their own time, the people of Superfeet ensure that basic needs like food, shelter, and education are available to those who need it most, and that the environment is protected for generations to come.

See the Superfeet Active Insoles for Women

More Than Insoles

Save your feet today with a pair of insoles from Superfeet, and know that a portion of your purchase will go toward supporting another foundation in need.

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