Meet Surviveware Small First Aid Kit: The One-Pound, Perfectly Organized Backpacking FAK

First aid kits (FAKs) are an essential part of any outdoor experience. While you hope you never have to use one, they are required for any backpacking trip, camping trip, and we recommend them for day hikes as well. The reality is that you don’t want to be caught in a dangerous situation, often without cell service, and not have basic life-saving tools on hand.

Surviveware was founded on the principles above. The company is dedicated to creating high quality first aid kits for backpacking, camping, international travel, and even multi-day survival events.


The Surviveware Small First Aid Kit is ideal for backpacking if you want a cleanly organized, durable FAK.

While there are a few key items in any first aid kit, what sets Surviveware apart is its organization, labeling, and the quality of its products. The Small First Aid Kit was the first best seller for Surviveware, and remains so because it comes in a small, one-pound package, has 100 survival tools inside, and is organized excellently. It was built to slide easily in a backpack or attach anywhere, and the clear labeling allows for quick assessment and treatment.


Note the organization and clear labels of the Surviveware Small First Aid Kit.

Grab the Surviveware Small First Aid Kit to be prepared for all your upcoming trips.

See the Surviveware Small First Aid Kit

Unique Features of the Surviveware Small First Aid Kit

The Surviveware Small First Aid Kit is the go-to premium backpacking FAK for a reason. The exterior material is made with a burly 600-Denier polyester, which is incredibly rip resistant. The contents inside are what’s important, but in emergencies you need to know they won’t be damaged, and the exterior materials make sure of that.

Doubling down on security, almost every interior component is stored in durable laminate pouches, making them waterproof. While items that aren’t susceptible to water, like shears and paper clips, aren’t in a pouch, your emergency blanket, pressure bandages, adhesive dressings, wipes, tape, and more are safe from water, and will remain safe even after you use them once with resealable plastic pouches.


Every component of the Surviveware Small First Aid Kit laid out.

Outside of protection, the Surviveware Small First Aid Kit (and all its products) focuses on organization and labeling. The biggest issue most people have when they have to actually use a FAK is they can’t find what they’re looking for easily. It makes sense — there’s an emergency and your heart is likely racing, you’re pulling out a kit you haven’t used in years (if ever), and there are tons of small, similar-looking objects. Unless you’re a Wilderness First Aid expert, uncertainty takes over.

Surviveware’s FAKs are clearly labeled — as in, you can easily read exactly what the items are in every part of the kit, and there are even descriptions of what each item is used for. Not only can you see what the items are, but they are designed so you can easily put them back in the same order.


Extra large shears, a real tweezer, and expert labeling makes for an intuitive First Aid Kit.

If you’ve ever used a FAK, strewn the contents about, then realized you have no idea how the company originally fit it together, the Surviveware First Aid Kit is for you.

MOLLE Compatible Straps

The other huge feature in Surviveware’s line of first aid kits is the MOLLE compatible straps. There are four straps on the back of the Small First Aid Kit — two horizontal hook and loop straps and two vertical button straps — that allow you to attach the FAK to any strap on your backpack, your belt, and more.


The vertical and horizontal straps allow you to secure the Small First Aid Kit practically anywhere.

Honestly, we’re surprised this feature isn’t on more FAKs. It allows you to place your survival gear on the outside, so if emergency strikes you don’t have to dig through your backpack to find what you need.

It also allows you to wear your First Aid Kit, which is ideal for solo hikes when you want to get off-grid, but don’t want to bring an extra pack. While most people forgo bringing a FAK when trail running or hiking into the wild, this system allows you to secure the Surviveware pack to an arm band, belt loop, or hip belt.


We recommend taking a first aid kit if you’re going out of cell service alone (or with a small group). The straps allow you to secure Surviveware’s FAK right to your belt. Your pup will thank you.

It’s a simple addition that makes the Surviveware Small First Aid Kit ideal for many outdoor scenarios. This, plus the high quality materials (look at the size of those shears!), and organization make it the most robust, easiest FAK to use for backpacking.

See the Surviveware Small First Aid Kit

Who is Surviveware?

Surviveware creates premium survival gear, including first aid kits for backpacking, camping, travel, and more. It also makes go-bags for surviving multiple days and hygiene products for staying clean in the wilderness. It is best known for excellent organization, clear labeling of its kits, and durable, high quality materials that won’t fail in a true emergency.

See the Small First Aid Kit, and learn more about Surviveware.

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