Meet VSSL JAVA: A Portable, Aircraft-Grade Manual Coffee Grinder

There are some people who simply cannot live without a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. If that’s not you, move along. But if your day begins with the aroma of ground beans and a delicate pour, the VSSL JAVA is the manual coffee grinder you have been waiting for.

And yes, outdoor gear-heads, we know you typically have a penchant for coffee. We do too.

VSSL JAVA adventure 2

The freshest cup of coffee possible, brewed with the VSSL JAVA.

The VSSL JAVA comes from a company that has built a reputation of providing high-grade products to serve specific purposes. The JAVA tackles the question: How can I get a solid cup of freshly ground coffee in the wilderness? — and does so with VSSL’s typical over-the-top aplomb.

The JAVA is a 12.6 ounce, self-contained manual coffee grinder with 30 unique grind settings. It has a built-in carabiner clip that doubles as the grinder arm, a stainless steel burr grinder that makes mincemeat (er, mince-coffee) out of fresh beans, and a lightning-quick setup.


A manual coffee grinder made of quality materials, with three distinct pieces that screw together.

It’s available now on Kickstarter, and is heavily funded. This is the one-and-done manual coffee grinder you have been waiting for.

Kickstart the VSSL JAVA

Unique Features of the VSSL JAVA

The JAVA is a gear-head’s coffee-riddled dream because it maintains two essential design principles: build only what you need, and build it to withstand anything.

The fact that the entire JAVA grinder is one unit is impressive. Yes, you have to screw off parts to pour in the beans and get the grounds, but you can carry the entire thing without taking anything apart. This means you won’t lose anything, and it means you won’t have to dig through your pack to find it.

VSSL JAVA grinding 1

Aircraft-grade aluminum feels smooth in hand, and won’t break.

The carabiner top can hold 200 pounds, which is completely overbuilt, yet remains minimal in its design. That same carabiner top is the grinder handle, providing two essential functions in one. And it means your handle won’t break or go missing.

VSSL JAVA carabiner 2

A grinder-handle-turned-carabiner is the kind of design we appreciate.

The top of the JAVA has a quick-release button to aid in your bean pouring, and there’s even a small add-on cap to help you churn those beans more easily. VSSL claims a 60-second grind, which means you’re one-minute closer to a fresh cup.

Aircraft-Grade Aluminum

With all its products, VSSL is committed to durability. That’s important for a brand that has built a reputation on storing essentials, like a first aid kit or matches, and it extends to the JAVA.

VSSL JAVA adventure 1

Take the JAVA into the backcountry. It was built to be here.

Aircraft-grade aluminum is not for the faint of heart. As it implies, the aluminum used in the JAVA is not only lightweight, but it’s incredibly strong. It won’t dent easily from your occasional clumsiness, the pieces won’t snap if you push too hard, and it will feel solid in-hand.

VSSL JAVA grinding beans

Pour in your beans and get to grinding.

Perhaps most importantly, though, the burrs that actually grind your coffee are made of this impressive material. That means they won’t dull over time, allowing you to get a precise grind every time.

Buy the manual coffee grinder you want once.

Kickstart the VSSL JAVA

Who is VSSL?

VSSL is the brand that builds durable canisters to hold essential outdoor products, like compasses, first aid kits, flasks, and more. Each VSSL is a literal vessel, and provides a quick-access, waterproof, protective sleeve for your most important gear.

The brand is known for its ingenious design, high quality manufacturing, and crowdfunding campaigns.

Back the JAVA on Kickstarter while you still can, and learn more about VSSL.

This article is sponsored by VSSL.

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