Hike Your Heart Out with the New Superfeet ADAPT Hike Max Insoles

Are you an avid hiker who tends to get tired feet? Many of us know the feeling of taking off our shoes after a long day on the trail and how amazing that feels. Long days with a heavy pack can really push your paws to the limit! However, that tiredness and discomfort can be alleviated with a good insole.

Superfeet insoles

Meet the Superfeet ADAPT Hike Max Insoles.

The folks over at Superfeet had us hikers in mind when they created the ADAPT Hike Max Insoles and we are super happy that they did! These new ADAPT Hike Max insoles have that signature shape and quality you’ve come to expect from Superfeet.

Superfeet Adapt Insoles

Peakbagging with the ADAPT Hike Max Insoles. Hiking over rocky terrain never felt so good.

The ADAPT Hike Max Insoles were designed specifically for hiking — they feature exceptional cushioning, a lot of flexibility, and targeted support that any hiker will rejoice over! From Superfeet’s patented Adaptive Comfort Technology to their convenient trim-to-size custom sizing, this thoughtful new insole is going to add some pep to your step!

See the Superfeet ADAPT Hike Max Insoles

Unique Features of Superfeet’s ADAPT Hike Max Insoles

You’re probably wondering if the Superfeet ADAPT Hike Max Insoles will really make a difference in your adventures. And the exciting answer is that yes, they really will!

To build the most comfortable hiking insole, Superfeet’s ADAPT Hike Max Insoles were made with two layers of Aerolyte comfort foam complemented by a responsive forefoot zone, adding a spring to every step you take.

A lot of thought was also put into the heel design of the ADAPT Hike Max Insoles, which disperses impact and vibrations. All of these thoughtful elements come together to create an insole that leaves your feet a lot less fatigued on trail than you’re likely used to.

Layers of comfort

Layers of comfort.

Flexible Comfort

On top of the cushioning, Superfeet designed these insoles to flex with your foot, adapting to the way your feet move. This is called Adaptive Comfort Technology. It’s a great thing, especially if you plan to be hiking over uneven, rocky terrain or slick terrain that can move under you like loose gravel or mud.

Superfeet Adapt Hike Max

Heading off the beaten path is no big deal when your feet are properly supported.

The design features a deep heel cup and high arch profile to hold your foot in place — this helps prevent blisters and cramps, leaving your feet feeling fresh after miles of hard hiking.

Heel cup and added rock protection

Firm where you need it most, yet flexible for technical terrain. This is Adaptive Comfort Technology.

Moisture Wicking

If the above features weren’t enough, the ADAPT Hike Max Insoles also use Superfeet’s Moisturewick technology to create a dry, breathable home for your feet. This adds to the overall comfort of the insole and helps to minimize odors.

See the Superfeet ADAPT Hike Max Insoles

Who is Superfeet?

Superfeet is one of the top names in shoe insoles and foot comfort. The company aims to make a positive impact on people — Superfeet gives back 1% of sales and over 1000 hours of volunteer service to several amazing causes.

Inserting the insoles for a perfect fit

Slip them on in! It’s time to hike!

See the Superfeet ADAPT Hike Max Insoles, and learn more about Superfeet.

This article is sponsored by Superfeet.

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4 responses to “Hike Your Heart Out with the New Superfeet ADAPT Hike Max Insoles

  1. Lloyd Handlersays:

    I found your review of the new Superfeet insole after getting an email from Superfeet about this new product. At first I was excited as I assumed it would be better than their previous hiking insole, the Trail Blazer, but I noticed that the Trail Blazer is still $65 whereas the Adapt is only $50. I have had foot problems which caused my podiatrist to recommend Superfeet in all types of footwear and I think the trail blazer is better than the standard La Sportiva insole, but how does it compare to the new one.


    1. Hey Lloyd. It’d be best to ask your podiatrist which model is better for you specific issue.

      However, generally speaking, the ADAPT Hike Max insoles are more flexible and less supportive than the Trailblazer Comfort insoles. The ADAPT insoles would be better for stepping through technical terrain, whereas the Trailblazer will provide more support and comfort on less technical trails and during day-to-day walks around town.

  2. MJ Mahersays:

    what is the difference between Adapt Run Max and Adapt Hike Max? Amazon only has the AHM in smaller sizes and I need the clown-shoe size 13…

    1. Hi MJ. The Superfeet website (links above in the article) has size 13 in stock for the AHM.

      To answer your question, this is how Superfeet explains the difference between the two on their own website.

      ADAPT Run Max offers medium-to-high arch support, with a deeper heel cup and higher arch support than the original ADAPT Run insole. ADAPT Run Max features a responsive forefoot zone to add cushioning and maximize energy transfer in every step. This insole is designed to flex and adapt to the natural motion of your feet, while dispersing impact from the heel strike with an energizing heel cushion that helps reduce excess vibration to fight against foot fatigue.

      ADAPT Hike Max offers medium-to-high arch support, with a deep heel cup. ADAPT Hike’s heel cushion and forefoot zone cushion are similar to our ORANGE and BERRY insole and help to cushioning and rebound. These two areas have a more grippy texture than our ADAPT Run Max insoles and helps to add dampening properties to the pads which provides a more plush experience with each step.

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