Ibex Debuts Game-Changing Woolies Pro Tech Base Layers, Merino Socks, and Waffle Knit Beanie

Leading outdoor apparel brand, Ibex, has taken a leap forward in performance wear with the launch of their cutting-edge Woolies Pro Tech Base Layers, Lightweight Merino Socks, and Waffle Knit Beanie.

The new line showcases Nuyarn fabric technology, promising to redefine how we experience merino wool.

The Woolies Pro Tech Base Layers, powered by Nuyarn spinning technology, aim to mimic the natural properties of wool.

Nuyarn’s innovative approach enhances Merino’s strength, elasticity, thermoregulation, and drying speed.

Compared to conventional methods, Nuyarn is 5 times faster drying, 85% more elastic, 35% more thermoregulating, 53% more air resistant, 8.8 times more durable, and boasts 120% stronger seams.

Ibex is also committed to ethical standards, using 100% certified non-mulesed wool from open-range sheep and sustainable manufacturing practices.

The Lightweight Merino Socks and Waffle Knit Beanie complement the collection, offering comfort and style for outdoor enthusiasts.

The socks, starting at $22, are 66% merino, moisture-wicking, thermoregulating, and odor-resistant, making them ideal for all seasons.

The Waffle Knit Beanie, priced at $50, features a heritage Ibex patch and is crafted from 100% merino wool.

With these innovations, Ibex continues to be a pioneer in performance-driven, sustainable outdoor wear.

Images courtesy of Ibex

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