Introducing Bajío Sunglasses' Latest Rigolets: Perfect Shades for Summer 2024

Bajío Sunglasses has unveiled its latest offering, the Rigolets, catering to those gearing up for summer adventures.

Available in three frame colors and boasting 14 lens options, the Rigolets are now up for grabs.

The Ultimate Summer Shades for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Pronounced “RIG-uh-Leez,” these sunglasses are designed to enhance your summer escapades, whether you’re cruising on a beach bike or gliding across the water on a boat.

The snug full-wrap design ensures maximum protection against wind and sun, promising comfort even after prolonged outdoor excursions.

Specifically crafted for small and narrow faces, the Rigolets feature wide temples and vented rubber sun-blocking side shields, enhancing both fit and functionality.

Additionally, they are offered in RX and Readers variants to accommodate various vision needs.

Named after the historic Rigolets Strait near New Orleans, renowned for its rich fishing grounds, these sunglasses embody a legacy of adventure and exploration.

With polarized lenses equipped with LAPIS technology, they promise unparalleled clarity for spotting elusive fish amidst the shimmering waters.

Retailing at $209 for polycarbonate lenses and $259 for glass lenses, the Rigolets are now available for purchase on

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